Are you wondering

Why Your Leadership Career Is Stalling?

Ready to kick through those roadblocks but wondering what they are?

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Wondering why your leadership career is stalling?

Ready to kick-through those roadblocks but wondering what they are?

If you feel that you like the idea of being in the C-Suite, or have a seat on the Executive Team, but every step seems like a constant battle, then I’m here to help you understand what’s holding you up, and to create your own strategy to power-glide to the top

Want to learn the 7 most common mistakes that every Executive makes on the way to the decision-making table (with only the successful few figuring it out)?!

Are you...

Excited about what you could achieve in the C-Suite, or by having a seat at the Executive Table, but don’t feel like it is realistic as you are already busy and overwhelmed

Tired of tring all-the-things but every step seems like a constant battle?

Finding it hard to figure out why others are getting opportunities and you aren’t (must be the old-boys network, right)?


All of these were true for me.

I was totally sold on the idea of creating more influence by being at the Decision-Making table.

I was seriously frustrated by the poor decisions I saw being made, the missteps that could have been avoided, and that I just wasn’t being listened to.

I was also doing a job several paygrades above my salary without the recognition.

I knew I was having a massive impact, and I could have an even bigger one if I could just figure out how to get them to take me seriously for the role I knew I deserved. 

I decided that I get to be successful on my terms.

I decided that I did not have the time to wait for other people to wake-up to what I was offering, so I would damn well find a way to make my career work for me instead.

And guess what...? When I figured it out & it all slotted into place

My Career Took Off!

I got a new job, that was designed for me

I found an employer who employed me specifically for my ideas, innovation and creativity

I got to the C-Suite, by demonstrating my true value.

Oh, and did I mention…? I doubled my salary!

But more than that; I started each work day loving what I do, feeling great and power gliding my way to the decision-making table. 

Despite the huge demand for stand-out leaders in tech who provide the ‘full-package’ of leadership skills and technical knowledge, the pool of suitably qualified candidates is relatively small.

But the blocker to your success is demonstrating to the decision-makers that you have this full-package when their feedback is decidedly unhelpful in helping you understand what is holding you back.

The good news is that if you can fill those skills, you will quickly become a high-value candidate!

Are you ready to...

Create a leadership career you love?
And get the big results you know you can deliver?

With this guide you will...

Learn the 7 most common barriers I’ve seen time and time again in front of women in their way to the Decision Making Table

Find out how to make the quick mindset shifts so that you can show up different and create a consistent focus on your career development without burning out. 

Learn my top tips for setting yourself up for career success with maximum ease

Work through a checklist to figure out what you are doing that is holding you back, and what to start doing instead.

Are you ready to create the impact and influence you know you should have?



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