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As a tech lover, introvert, tech executive and business owner I get how hard it is to thrive in Tech. I’ve worked with over 1000 women on their careers, developing confidence, leadership skills, public speaking and strategy for successful academic and business careers. I’ve worked in startups and I’ve built a charity with an international audience from over 60 countries. And now I want to share with you how I did all that. I’m passionate about helping you thrive in your tech career and making the tech community an inclusive and positive place to thrive

I’ve worked in science and technology for my entire career. Starting out as a High Performance Computing expert in academia, I quickly realised that what I loved doing was providing strategy and leadership. I’ve always enjoyed programming, but I thrive when I help others do what they love even more. After just 7 years out of my Ph.D. I moved into a corporate C-suite job, providing tech and business strategy, all without the standard requirements for someone moving into such a role. And I realised that so many women are stifled in their jobs because we are told that we don’t have the perfect experience or the ideal education. I’m here to tell you that this is all a myth! You don’t need an MBA to be leader! And you don’t need to have 20 years of experience. What you need is to demonstrate your passion and potential.  


Today, I help women to reach their fullest potential and feel inspired every day. My goal is to create the next generation of women tech leaders that are in a job they love, where the overwhelm melts away, challenges become opportunities and the workplace is a place to thrive. I bring my strategy development to the table to assist you in your dream startup or to help develop your own personal strategy for creating your future career. 

Changing the world one day at a time

I wake up every day to change the world. I’ve been saying that for a decade now and I mean it now more than ever. The tech sector is rapidly growing and impacts every aspect of our lives. We are struggling to keep up with our own ideas! But I believe it is essential to make sure women are involved in this conversation. Women currently hold just 26 (5.2%) of the CEO positions of the Fortune 500. According to Silicon Valley Bank only 56% of tech startups have at least one woman on the board.  When women make up 50% of the human population, and the ample evidence that diversity drives innovation, these are depressing statistics. But together, I believe we can change this!

I believe that women helping other women really can change the world. 

I’ve worked in jobs where I literally had a knot in my stomach every morning on the way to work. I would dread certain meetings. And even my weekends were ruined as I felt stressed all-day on Sunday about work on Monday morning. 

But now I know, this is not normal, and it isn’t good for us. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

It took me a long time to realise that there are careers in tech which you will love waking up to. Where we have the time and energy to enjoy evenings and weekends, and we go to work on Mondays to do some of the best work and surround ourselves with a team that inspires us as we lead them to achieve great things. And when we do this, women thrive, and the tech sector thrives because of it.

By working with women, who want to make a difference, and employers who want to try something new, we really can change the world. And I’m here to help you find your place in the tech industry so I can help you change the world while loving life, having balance, and leading with ease.

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Linda McIver

"Toni astounded me from the first with her wisdom, empathy, and intellect. She sees straight through me and gives me exactly the advice, and sometimes the tough love, I need to get over my blockers and make progress... Signing on to coaching with Toni has been a life-changing experience, and a real step up for my organisation. She's extraordinary. Plus the coaching sessions are fun, she's such a delight to work with."

Lauren Smit

"Toni is so amazing to work with! She is gentle and kind towards the situation you are in, but it doesn’t stop her from giving you the best tools to build your dream! She is always friendly and overall a lovely person."

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