Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming adversity in your career so you can break through obstacles and build an unstoppable career

In This Masterclass you will learn


What adversity looks like

To fully unlock your career you need to where adversity is showing up. You likely see the big obvious blockers, but are you seeing the small ones? We’ll dig into a diagnosis of adversity and the ways to spot it sooner rather than later every time.

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The Simple Shift To Make to Overcome Adversity and Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

The big difference between those who thrive and sparkle, and those that stumble is often down to what you do with the lemons that are thrown at you. We all know the saying ‘life throws you lemons — make lemonade’ but we don’t often know how to deal with this in real life. I’m going to help you understand how you can identify the opportunity in all adversity

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The skill of turning obstacles into strategies by creating a road map to your best self.

What if you didn’t need to overcome the blockers and instead stood tall on top of them? We’re going to dive deep into how to build on the adversity you’ve had so it lifts you up instead of holding you back.

Are you ready to take control of your leadership career (Rather than letting it happen to you?)

Does it feel exciting to plan a next role that fills your time with more of what you love?

Would it be amazing to not lie awake fretting about the storm that has landed at work?

Or it may be even something else — perhaps you know layoffs are coming and are concerned about how this will impact you.

Whatever your WHY: This Masterclass can help you feel in control of your career and in sustainable leadership bliss.

This is a must attend if...

The #1 reason you don’t take action on your career is that too much **** seems to be thrown your way.

You’ve been doing all-the-things but every step seems like a constant battle and you are just done with having to justify every decision you make and every idea you have.

You’re finding it hard to figure out why others are getting opportunities and you aren’t (must be the old boys network, right)?

You like the idea of being in a more senior role, but don’t feel like it is realistic, as you are already busy and overwhelmed.

You’re feeling STUCK in your career. You know you can have more impact, but you just don’t know what the roadmap is from here to there.

After a career in tech, and years coaching some incredible women in tech into their ideal leadership roles, I can confidently say that great leadership isn't in-built, it's learnt.

But to get the opportunity to learn about leadership, implement it so you get noticed and then leveraging those leadership skills to get the job that you know will make a difference, requires a plan. 

The difference between those women who do rise up to the highest levels and make that amazing impact you are dreaming of isn’t magic. It is clear, focused, and consistent action in the right direction. 

And that’s what I want for you too. 

If you’re willing to invest 60-minutes I’m excited to invite you to this groundbreaking training on overcoming adversity so your career gets put firmly on the right path.

Your career doesn’t exist without YOU.

It’s time to stop feeling behind and start feeling in control. In control of what you want, what you do, and the direction you are headed in.

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ALL my best,


Toni xx



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