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How to uplevel your remote networking (and why should already be doing it!)

The further you go in your career the more you will realise the power of your network. Your network opens doors for you, makes sure you are advocated for when you aren’t in the room, suggests you as someone who might be useful in a particular situation and connects you with others. Your network can also create jobs and opportunities for you. But right now, traditional networking has ground to a halt. There are no more networking parties and social events where we ‘chat’ about our future (often awkwardly) while juggling a glass of wine and canapés! There are no more conferences where we hang out at the buffet table or walk up to a poster author to chat about them with the poster content as an excuse for the conversation. What can you do about that?

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Do you feel like you don’t do enough ‘real’ work?

‘I didn’t do any real work today!’ Sound familiar?
A day of 5 meetings, then just a few hours in between catching up on emails and some management admin, and the day is gone. By the end of the week you feel like every day has just gone by in a blur and you haven’t touched a line of technical work. You have become a blocker for your team and you know you aren’t doing the technical work you promised. Worse still, if you have recognised you don’t have time for the technical stuff and have started to give it up and delegate it you feel inadequate and that you don’t contribute anything meaningful. You’ve become that manager. Sound familiar?

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What to do when you feel frustrated

Do you feel frustrated at the lack of progress in your career? Frustrated at yourself, at others? Annoyed that you didn’t get something done, or that someone else didn’t produce as quickly as they should do (whatever should means)?
Right now, our natural tendency to feel frustrated is coming to new heights and peaks as we deal with the uncertainty of a world under lockdown, having to homeschool and realising that productivity drops for us and our colleagues when we are all stressed, even without children at home. Then there are the additional frustrations around stalled promotion prospects. The frustrations build. Want to know how to feel better and channel your frustrations for good rather than giving into the annoyance, anxiety and even anger that it generates? Read on.

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What to do when your boss and colleagues aren’t listening

Ever feel constantly talked over at work?
Does your boss finish your sentences (and not in a good way)?
Or maybe your colleagues just never let you finish and instead say exactly what you were going to say and get the credit?
Not being listened to, being talked over and not getting the chance to finish our thoughts is at best frustrating, but can also mean you don’t get the chance to demonstrate your value. If you are feeling this way, then read on for tips to manage your boss being over-talkative.

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Strategies for managing up

Ever felt like your boss is the one stunting your professional growth? That you are held back because they don’t listen or don’t recognise your contributions? Maybe you’ve recently had a performance review that you felt just didn’t demonstrate your worth.

Even if you like your boss as a person, if you feel like they just don’t give you what you need professionally, then it is time to start actively managing them.

Yes, managing-up really is a thing, and it is one the most important things for accelerating your career, whatever stage you are at. Even entrepreneurs need to manage up to their board and investors.

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Resilient leadership

Personal resilience always has been and always will be an essential leadership skill. Resilience provides us with the calm, clarity and time to make sensible, calm decisions. Resilience means we can project calm and clarity to those around us. And our personal resilience can help us push through the darkest times in our lives and business. But what about when the entire world is facing a crisis, lacking confidence and everyone is anxious. This has been a growing reality for a number of years, but in the wake of COVID-19 resilience on a massive scale is being tested more than ever. What can you do to boost your resilience and be the leader that helps their team (and loved ones) feel more resilient too? Read on…

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Crisis management for busy leaders

Crisis management is a phrase mostly used by senior management in billion-dollar businesses or by governments. In an age of a growing number of crises that cost more and are more frequent, learning how each of us can respond to a specific situation can be good investment in your management and leadership skills.
Figuring out where to start is often the biggest hurdle: what crisis to plan for, what to do, and actually how to respond if you are in a crisis situation right now.

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Making the transition to working at home

In the 21st Century, many jobs can be done from anywhere in the world. There are a growing number of entrepreneurs who set up such that they can be fully mobile and explore the world. And in the internet age, there is no reason not to. However, there are many bosses who are reluctant to let employees work from home, and there are many employees who like the idea of working from home, but then struggle to navigate the politics of remote work. So how do you work remote, effectively, stay in touch, do great work and network, while sitting on your own hundreds or thousands of miles from your co-workers? Read on for your guide to transitioning to working remote, whether you are a boss or an employee.

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Improving working relationships

Working relationships, how we interact and how we feel about the people around us impact our productivity, a team’s productivity and whether we enjoy what we do each day. But most of us don’t actively cultivate good relationships at work, so here are my top tips for improving relationships to make the most of your team, whether you are a current or aspiring leader.

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Leading by listening​

Have you been in a meeting recently, where the person who seemed to get the most attention was the person who shouted the loudest? Did you quietly sit there wondering why they got so much attention?

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