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136: How Having Boundaries and Structure Gives You Freedom Copy

I know setting boundaries and structure in your life and career can feel a bit restricting, but the truth is – it actually sets you free, my love!

Let’s talk about boundaries and structure and how they give you the freedom you need to become the extraordinary leader, senior-level executive, or amazing individual contributor that can have real influence in your organization.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into the ways you can implement more boundaries and structure in your life and career so you can free up your time, energy & capacity for the things that really matter and will move you forward.

Ready to give boundary setting a real go?

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135: Does Your Style Impact Your Ability to Lead

Does what we wear as women really matter? My guest today has a lot to say on the matter and is sharing some new tools for your toolbox that might be worth investigating.

Let’s talk about your style and its impact on your ability to lead!

In today’s episode, I invite Image Consultant Melanie Lippman to talk to us about this (sometimes controversial) topic and how your personal brand & image can help you succeed as a woman in a male-dominated field.

Ready for the practical tools you need to walk into any room with confidence and achieve greatness in your career?

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134: The Storming, Forming, Norming, and Performing Cycle and What This Means For Your Team

Managing your team’s performance is one of your most important tasks (and can often become a big challenge too). Understanding the psychological stages of group development and leading them through these stages effectively can be the KEY to achieving great team performance.

Not sure how to do that? I got you, my love!

Let’s talk about performance and how to use the storming, forming, norming & performing cycle to help your team achieve positive & impactful results!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into this 4-phase framework to help you understand group formation and the stages your team is going through so you can effectively lead them through ANY challenge that comes up.

Ready to help your team work together and move through these stages with ease?

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133: Tackling the Elephant in the Room: Being Assertive as a Woman in Tech

A lot of us have confidence when we’re young – to go for the goal, say the thing we’re thinking, and be who we are – but somewhere along the way (especially for young women) that assertiveness & confidence gets shut down.

So, how do we get that confidence back, navigate it without falling into the gender stereotype trap, and use it to become even better leaders?

Let’s talk assertiveness on this week’s show!

In today’s episode, I invite the amazing Courtney Johnston, SVP & Product Manager at Verituity, to share her passion for technology, product management, and leadership. We’re talking about what it means to be an assertive woman in tech and how you can navigate this in your career to uplevel your leadership, build better teams, and reach your goals!

Ready to learn more about assertiveness and its role in your executive presence?

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132: Setting Your 2023 Career North Star

Do you have resolutions for the new year?

Maybe you’ve already planned out your health, money & mindset goals for 2023. Still, I want to talk about a topic that doesn’t get discussed often enough around goals for the new year – professional career-related resolutions.

Let’s talk about how to reevaluate your career goals and vision (and why finding your career North Star will be the vital piece!)

In this episode, I’m taking you through some steps to setting your own 2023 career North Star so you can see the most significant impact and results in your career this year.

Ready to find your guiding light and start taking more aligned action toward it?

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128: What to Do When You Mess Up

Whether we’re talking about social, environmental, or fiduciary responsibilities, there’s a great discussion to be had around the impact of each – and how to lead our teams to prioritize and balance all three!

It’s time to talk about that triple bottom line.

In today’s episode, I invite mission-driven strategist & VP of Business Development and Healthcare, Urvashi Bhatnagar, to talk about leadership innovation in the healthcare sector, and everything from the environment and our social equity impact, our required corporate and fiduciary responsibilities, and how we can lead better in all these important areas to help each other – and the world.

Ready for a fascinating discussion on the intersection between our social and corporate responsibilities as leaders?

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126: What to Do if You Feel Defensive All the Time

Does it feel like you’re constantly defending yourself at work? This can turn into a downward spiral of defensiveness that can be very draining (for you and your team) and unhelpful for your career progress.

But did you know there are some tested tools and techniques to help you with this? (It’s true, my love – I’ve helped clients with this very thing!)

Let’s talk about what to do if you’re feeling defensive at work.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my biggest takeaways on defensiveness in the workplace – how it manifests in our leadership & teams, the psychology of what’s going on, and my favorite tips for tackling it.

Ready to break the cycle and feel calmer and happier in your career?

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125: The Power of Reframing as a Leader in Tech

The ability to reframe is a powerful tool. Did you know you can actually use it to become a better leader?

Let’s talk about the power of reframing and how you can shift your perspective to have a bigger, more positive impact on your team & career!

In today’s episode, I invite leadership coach, author, and keynote speaker, Lia Garvin (aka The Queen of Reframing), to share the practical ways you can use the art of reframing in your career to shift your thoughts, insights, and ideas to feel more optimistic about your work – and become a better leader.

Ready for the tool you need to help you and your team break through to that next level?

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124: How Positive Psychology Can Make You a Better Leader

Part of your role as a leader is to care about your team’s performance, right? What if I told you there’s a proven way to build a happier and more optimistic team, and by extension, better performance?

Let’s talk about how positive psychology can make your team sparkle, and make YOU a better leader!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into positive psychology – what it is, its role in the workplace, and my TOP 7 TIPS for using it to build flourishing, enjoyable & productive teams and to uplevel your own leadership.

Ready for the positive psychology techniques you need to become a better leader?

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123: Creating a Culture That Lifts Everyone Up with Jen Paxton

Did you know that you can contribute to improving culture in the tech industry?

You absolutely can, my love! Let’s talk about the practical things you can do daily to create an extraordinary culture that lifts everyone up.

This week, I invite Jen Paxton, VP of People at Smile, HR/recruitment leader, and co-founder of Jamyr, to talk about people operations and how to create better cultures. Whether you’re a leader or head of people (like Jen!), this episode is gold if you want to foster a great culture of feedback, build great communities, and have a team that is working FOR you rather than against you.

Ready to build connections and relationships with people that will serve you, your organization, and your leadership career?

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