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188: Personal Boundaries for Professional Success

Boundaries underpin our professional success and can determine longevity in our careers. Are yours in the right place?

Let’s talk about personal boundaries for professional success.

In today’s episode, I discuss why developing boundaries is so crucial for our tech careers, what happens when we don’t maintain them, and how to create a boundary toolkit of your own to ensure you’re mitigating burnout and building a sustainable leadership career that you love.

Ready to set your priorities at work, and learn the magic of boundaries?

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187: Are You Being Passive-Aggressive at Work?

Are you being passive-aggressive at work?

Let’s talk about passive-aggressive behavior and its role in our careers as we grow and develop in our leadership.

In today’s episode, I discuss examples of passive-aggressive behavior in the workplace, what we need to be doing as leaders to prevent the damage this can cause, and helpful strategies for understanding and navigating this dynamic in your career.

Ready for the tools you need to shift from passive aggression at work to more trust, morale, and overall productivity? Join me for this one.

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186: Embracing Your Differences As A Woman In Tech

Are you walking in your full color at work?

Let’s talk about embracing your differences as a woman in tech!

In today’s episode, I invite Vice President and Digital Business Transformation Leader, Shikha Bajaj, to talk to us about “owning your color” and how you can show up as who you really are at work (and succeed and thrive while doing it). We dive into mentorship, breaking barriers, and lifting each other up our way to the top.

Ready to show up as the best version of yourself in your career?

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185: Dreaming About Starting Your Own Startup?

Is there something holding you back from getting your company off the ground?

Let’s talk about the startup dream and how to make it a reality!

In today’s episode, I invite HR Consultant Amy Cell to share her wisdom on all things startups! We dive into the KEY considerations if you’re considering your first startup, identifying your fears (and how to avoid them from stopping you), and setting yourself up for the best chance of success.

Ready to take the journey towards a successful startup?

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184: The Critical Mistakes You Need to Avoid in the 2024 Job Market

The job hunt has changed, my love.

If you’re looking for a job in 2024, it might be time for an action plan specific to today’s market to set you apart from the competition.

Let’s talk about what you need to know to succeed in your job hunt this year!

In this episode, I’m sharing the 7 most critical mistakes to avoid in the 2024 job market to make sure you get what you want and don’t miss out on any dream opportunities.

Ready to stand out and land that next role?

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183: The Cost of Failure

As a business leader, I embrace failure. I encourage my team to try new things and learn from their mistakes. But when does this strategy stop working?

Can failure truly be BAD for business?

Let’s talk about the culture of “fail fast” and if your business or career is paying too high a cost for failure.

In this episode, I invite Debbie Lovett, MBA and CFO of Delta CX, to challenge our ideas on failure as she dives into the high costs companies are paying for a culture that glorifies failure and ultimately ignores the customers’ needs.

Ready to understand where failure should be embraced and when it’s bad for business?

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182: Beyond Resolutions: Transformative Annual Planning for the Visionary Woman in Tech

January offers a unique opportunity for a fresh start beyond personal resolutions, my love.

Let’s talk about making a strategic and transformative annual plan for your professional journey!

In today’s episode, I want to help you take advantage of the “fresh start effect” and give you the tools you need to plan for your professional future as a visionary woman in tech. Whether you’re planning for an even better year in a career that already lights you up, or you’re ready to take the journey towards finding a job you LOVE, this one’s for you.

Ready for a lit-up career of big plans & big celebrations?

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181: The Importance of the Open Door

How can we help to break the barriers between underrepresented groups and executive leadership?

Let’s talk about the importance of the open door.

In today’s episode, I invite CEO, author, and speaker, Trina Martin, to share her experience as a founder, woman of color, and champion for changing the future of leadership. We discuss people pleasing, scarcity mindset, and how we can break barriers and open the door to help each other reach the top.

Ready to change leadership for the better?

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180: Why Women-Led Companies Generate More Unicorns

Are you working towards becoming a founder one day? If you want to start your own company but feel some resistance towards taking the first step, this one’s for you, my love!

Let’s talk about why women-led companies are more successful and the important things to consider before going all-in on chasing your dreams.

In today’s episode, I invite Co-founder & CEO of, Manuela Seve, to discuss her journey to founding her own company. We discuss why female-led companies generate more unicorns, some of the things to ask yourself if you’re considering starting your own company, and the important first steps you can take right now toward becoming a female founder.

Ready to knock down some of those barriers to starting your own company?

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179: The Sunday Scaries

You know the feeling…as the weekend winds down, a sense of unease creeps in and casts a shadow over your last precious hours of relaxation.

This feeling is referred to as the “Sunday Scaries”, and today we’re talking about the ways to overcome it!

In today’s episode, I’m exploring the Sunday Scaries, why they pose such a challenge to our well-being, and most importantly – how to conquer them!

Ready to ditch the dread of returning to work and move into healthy anticipation instead?

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