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168: Cooperation as a Leadership Trait

Imagine if your team was able to combine their skills & efforts toward common objectives with complete alignment and harmony. (Wouldn’t that be beautiful?)

Let’s talk about cooperation as a leadership trait!

In today’s episode, I discuss cooperative leadership, how to develop these skills in you (and your team!) to see more positive outcomes, and the core principles you can use to build collaborative teams that will increase their output & productivity beyond what you can imagine!

Ready to be the leader who values every voice and fosters cooperative behavior & collective success?

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166: Does Ambition Cause Burnout?

Does ambition cause burnout?

Let’s talk about your ambition – and how to navigate the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

In today’s episode, I discuss “The Ambition Gap” and how it could be leading to burnout in your career journey. I dive into what “The Ambition Gap” is, how your fear/stress plays a role, and the steps you can take to avoid burnout on the way to achieving your biggest goals.

Your ambition is beautiful, my love – ready to fully embrace it?

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165: The Role of Coaching for Women in Tech Leadership

Whether your goal is to become a better leader, to become a coach full-time, or to use coaching alongside your leadership in business and in life – this one’s for you!

Let’s talk about how training to be a coach can uplevel your tech leadership.

In today’s episode, I invite three powerful tech leaders, Helen Fanucci, Megan Walsh, and Kathryn Vandiver, to share their experiences with training to be coaches, why they decided to do it, and how they’re leveraging this skill in their leadership & personal lives.

Ready to hear more about how coaching can truly impact your leadership & career?

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164: Exploring Your Calling: Is Coaching the Next Addition to Your Leadership Career?

We’ve been exploring the idea of coaching for a while on the podcast, but this week we’re wrapping it up with an episode on taking action!

Let’s talk about exploring your calling and asking yourself – is coaching the next addition to my leadership career?

In today’s episode, I dive into how to take action whether you’re exploring coaching, considering its application in your current role, or looking to start a new career! I’m sharing the power of the coaching tool, what the journey to becoming a coach might look like for you, and some of the most important pieces to consider along the way.

Ready to dig a bit deeper and explore coaching as a possible calling?

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163: What It Really Means to Be an Inclusive Anti-racist Leader in 2023

You know how passionate we are around here about representation and inclusivity!

Let’s talk about what it really means to be an inclusive anti-racist leader this week on Leading Women in Tech!

In today’s episode, I invite my racial equity coach & consultant, Annie Gichuru, to have an incredibly important conversation around representation through the racial justice lens and what we as leaders need to change to meet the needs of our community and organizations.

Ready to take a look at your anti-racism and bring more inclusivity to your leadership?

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162: How Coaching Makes You a Better Leader

Coaching is not just about your team doing better, it’s about what happens inside of YOU.

Let’s talk about what happens when you start using coaching in your leadership & how it actually makes you better at what you do!

In today’s episode, I dive into the impact of coaching on YOU, some practical ways you can become a better leader, and why this is one skill you don’t want to overlook in your career.

Ready to coach your way to being a better leader?

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161: Building Diversity of Thought in the Workplace

Why is a diverse workplace such an important goal to achieve?

Let’s talk about diversity in the workplace, how you can be part of building it, and why you should!

In today’s episode, I invite executive, entrepreneur & tech thought leader, Masha Sharma, to share her wisdom on DEI, how she turned lowlights in her career into opportunities, and embracing adversity to build more diversity in the workplace.

Ready to learn more about DEI and how to improve your workplace & career?

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160: Using Coaching as a Leader to Elevate Your Team

Is your leadership toolkit missing something?

Let’s talk about why coaching should be part of your leadership skillset – and how it can help you elevate your team & their potential!

In today’s episode, I discuss why coaching is so powerful for your team, how to integrate it into your leadership strategy, and the 2-part framework you can use to see BIG shifts in your team dynamics & success.

Ready to use coaching in your leadership journey?

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158: Unleashing Team Performance: The Power of Simple Coaching Approaches

Do you believe in the power of coaching? (If not, I’m ready to convince you, my love!)

Let’s talk about how even the simplest coaching approaches can unlock the enormous potential of your team!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into the fascinating world of team performance and how leveraging coaching can really elevate your team’s performance. I discuss the value of coaching in the workplace, some of the fundamental coaching approaches you can use, and ways to overcome the challenges that can come up when incorporating coaching into your team dynamics.

Ready to bring this powerful journey to your team?

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157: How to Shine in a Crisis

Most people don’t realize this, but how you respond in a crisis can actually make or break your career.

Let’s talk about how to shine in a crisis so you can elevate your leadership skills and build the standout career you desire!

In today’s episode, I invite Chief Operating Officer at Avant, Margaret Hermes, to have an important conversation about crisis management. We dig into the mindset & strategy tools you need to shine in a crisis and why crises can actually be good for our careers. (Yes, it’s true!)

Let’s face it, work crises are inevitable – are you ready to shine during the next one?

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