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Coaching Your Team To Build Their Motivation

If you are ready to manage less and lead more, spend more time doing the work you want to be doing, and less time worrying about how to get your team to do what you need, then it is time to start coaching them on their motivation, instead of focusing on performance management. And I’m here to help. I’ve created a guide to help you understand what is holding your team back. Click below to grab your free ‘Coaching Motivation’ Guide.

Movitating your team is one of the hardest things we do as leaders…

But when we do it, and do it well, we do better, our team does better, and our outcomes improve.

Are you ready to spend less time managing and more time getting on with the job?

It is time to build motivation

How to motivate others

Once we understand what motivation really is, it becomes clear why the traditional ‘carrot and stick’ approach fails when it comes to getting people to work. Money is one small component of motivation. Multiple studies have shown that the link between salary and job satisfaction is extraordinarily weak. So money is not the answer. Similarly, traditional performance management rarely works

As soon as you start a discussion on managing poor performance you are eroding the belief piece that is a necessary component of motivation. So despite years of usage in business, the carrot-and-stick approach is just about the worst thing that can happen.

What can we do instead?

It is worth going back to first principles to understand why motivation in the person you are working with has changed.

Organise a one-on-one, open discussion to delve into what is going on.

One or two high-quality discussions will help you turn your worst-performing colleagues into your biggest assets.

Let’s make this simple

I’m doing the legwork for you.

Instead of starting at square one to build motivation in your team, my simple, free guide, steps you through how to coach your team in one-on-one quality conversations.

And voila! You’ll have a team that outperforms the rest of the organization.

If you want this vision for success them click below to grab your free 'coaching motivation' guide.

Ready to be a stand-out lit-up leader, and spend more time doing what you love instead of managing difficult staff?

That’s my mission.

Let’s do this!



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