Creating Action

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Creating Action From Strategy

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Helping you deliver faster and more effectively as a leader

Monday March 7th
8 am PT - 11 am PT

Far too many great strategic initiatives fail to deliver. 

Not because the strategy wasn’t any good, but because the strategy sat on a virtual shelf gathering dust, instead of being driven forward. 

If you are a leader, whatever stage of your career you are at, you need to get a reputation for delivering on strategy. 


Every company has a lot riding on the strategic change it needs to make . . .

>> Change is how a company stays competitive and yet is often the area that gets little attention, and only at the end of the week.

>> Change ensures your product, your team and your business unit remain relevant, but the whirlwind of your every day activities rarely mean you have time for the strategic execution that will drive change. 

>> Strategic change is exciting to dream up but the cold hard reality of fitting it around the day-to-day schedule makes it tricky to maintain motivation. 


The reality of most organizations is that they struggle to deliver on strategy. Lots of money is poured into strategic development, and then all too often delivery lags behind (sometimes completely failing). 


It’s time to be the leader that delivers change. Consistently. 

In this three hour workshop you will learn:

☑︎ Put in place a clear roadmap that identifies clear roadblocks and hazards 

This roadmap will help you quickly identify your ruthless priorities and lower distractions and stress. You’ll learn where and how to fit in the whirlwind of the every day but still make real progress. You’ll figure out how to defend you and your team’s time so you work on the stuff that has the most impact, and what you need to do to keep your team focused on the criticial, long-term. 

☑︎ Identify how to motivate and maintain engagement in your team

Figure out what is realistic and how to avoid signing you and your team up for the impossible, all with the help of your team, so they are motivated from day 1. You’ll create measures and metrics that drive results, that come from the team so that the right things happen. 

☑︎ Create momentum and forward progress 

Learn how to turn your team into an asset instead of a strategy liability and become the team with the reputation for delivery and progress.

☑︎ Learn what great delivery actually looks like

Delivery isn’t just about you, and it isn’t just about your team. It’s about both. AND about getting buy-in from peers and bosses. In this final section of the training you will learn how to accelerate decision making, resource tradeoffs and buy-in from peers and bosses so you and your team get more done. EVERY TIME. 

In a nutshell . . . 

If you are ready to be the leader that delivers (even when other’s don’t) and be a light in your organization for how strategy should be executed, then this is the workshop you need to take action. 

This workshop will show you a new way to deliver strategy through communication and empowerment, as a result of great leadership, instead of as an add-on to being a manager. 

If this sounds good for you, then make sure you sign-up.

Spots are strictly limited to ensure that all participants get the high-touch support that we know makes a difference.

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“Toni brought a whole new perspective and allowed me to think completely differently about the way I was approaching my business.

Her advice is really practical and I was able to implement the strategies immediately, making me feel more in control and positive about my direction.”

– Sarah Osler

jossie headshot

"As soon as I started working with Toni we plowed straight into some major sticking points in my career, and I’m delighted that within weeks of starting work with Toni I finally got a seat at the exec table to be able to drive DEI initiatives holistically across Tile.

Tackling self doubt and dealing with emotions have dramatically improved my executive presence, which has resulted taking my career to the next level. I’ve become empowered to have those difficult conversations and know that the outcome will be successful. During my time working with Toni I’ve turned around the Web Team at Tile – something that has benefitted not just me but the entire business. 

But the work with Toni goes beyond just tangible results I have more self confidence, my relationship with my husband is going better (not something I expected from Leadership Coaching!), I forgive myself more, and I celebrate the little things more. 

Toni challenges me and pushes me, but lovingly and in a way that feels safe and I’m actually able to address and dig into deeper issues.  

I’ve worked with other coaches before, but Toni has been able to really empower me to think about the things I need to focus on and think about how it’s all intertwined.”

Jossie Haines, VP Engineering

How tech leadership has changed for the better and why YOU deserve a seat at this table…

The night I realised that I didn’t want my husband to go back to work in the morning because of COVID, I remember a feeling of intense dread. I’d been reading about COVID for sometime, and I reached a point (weeks before others did, because I’m the kind of person who goes and reads the literature before the politicians and news outlets do!), where I knew the world was going to change. And I knew it would be a permanent change.

I was dreading the suffering that was ahead, the uncertainty, and the pain that people were going to experience from losses of jobs, income and loved ones. 

But I also knew that this was an opportunity. The one sector that could get us through this was technology. Technology to work remotely. Technology to enable us to operate as a species with social distancing. Technology to enable us to shop, live, exist, entertain and so much more… while online. 

And it was also a great opportunity for us to level the gender playing field. As families worked from home, home-schooled, and lived everything together, altogether, this was a the chance to show the unpaid work that women were doing. And at the same time, it was the chance to demonstrate the value of great leadership. No more could a manager rely on an office walkaround to figure out how the team was doing. Avoiding mass burnout would require understanding your team, not just managing them. 

If we got rid of the bad managers, we wouldn’t just have happier staff, we’d have better tech. 

As the days and weeks unfolded I witnessed many of my 1:1 clients have huge successes – they stood out from the noise. They were thriving. Did they have bad times? Yes! And so did I. We have all had our wobbles over the last two years. But my clients were now showing their teams what was possible when you led the right way. 

Then we were hit by the great resignation. Some took advantage of it. But many great organizations failed to hire and retain talent. 

Those that did find themselves a new role, found that they needed to deliver. And fast. 

What has become extraodrinary clear in the last 6 months is that delivery is now mandotory. And the best leaders get that. The best leaders surround themselves with technical superstars so that they can focus on being the link that brings it altogether. The best leaders focus on communication first. The best leaders invest in their leadership skills instead of waiting for it to just turn up one day. And strategy delivers because of their leadership, not in spite of it. 

But far far too many organizations are not competing in this environment. Rapid change is necessary right now. But that requires strategy and strategy delivery. If you’ve ever had a strategy die on a dusty virtual shelf, and know that it should have made a difference, then this is the training you need to make that difference. 

It’s time to be the leader who delivers and stands out from the crowd. 

Toni xx

"Toni astounded me from the first with her wisdom, empathy, and intellect. .

She sees straight through me and gives me exactly the advice, and sometimes the tough love, I need to get over my blockers and make progress. I always feel better, more focused, and more organised after a session with her.

Toni’s experience of business, academia, and the not-for-profit sector gives her a rare level of insight into the problems facing women as they rise through the ranks in any sector, especially technical women. Toni has been there, seen and done that, and she knows exactly how to manage it.

Signing on to coaching with Toni has been a life-changing experience, and a real step up for my organisation. She’s extraordinary. Plus the coaching sessions are fun, she’s such a delight to work with.”

Linda McIver, CEO at ADSEI


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