Overcoming the glass ceiling in your head
before breaking through it in the office

Leadership Executive Presence
For Dream Careers & Startup Founders
in Tech

Hi there, strong, independent woman.

Now, I’m sure that hearing that statement doesn’t carry the weight it perhaps once did.

Being strong and independent, for any woman, is a hollow phrase that really does provide much emotional or material opportunity for success. 

I mean…

You’re competing with men and other women within industries that recognize that the wage gap is ethically unjustifiable

While simultaneously still enforcing it. 

Being strong and independent today…


It means that you spend most of your time just biting your tongue and contending with disappointment, objectification and condescending tones from every part of your professional work life.

Understand Your Power

Learn how to overcome the modern challenges for women
in the 4th industrial revolution.

 Executive Presence: Power-Glide Through the Leadership Glass Ceiling

I know what it’s like as a woman.

You’ve got to really take whatever you can get.

Every inch you climb up the ladder is an inch closer to realizing your potential.


Eventually, those incremental steps to success stop appearing.

They manifest elsewhere.

And – for whatever reason – you begin to feel overlooked, maligned and stagnant. 

You have dreams…

You have wants…

And you’ve got the skills needed to get there.


What’s stopping you?

Is it simply a matter of gender bias in the workplace, or is it deeper?

Are you so fixated on what you aren’t being offered that you’re perhaps failing to see your strengths and weaknesses from a more objective space? 

Do you honestly believe that you’re just not good enough?

Or cut out to be more than you currently are? 


Are you just being overlooked because of what you are rather than who you are? 


In a nutshell…

Are you being pigeonholed in your career because of certain boxes you do or don’t tick?


As a tech exec myself…

I know exactly how fast you can go from feeling like a rising star with so much passion, enthusiasm and energy

To being professionally parked, making you feel undervalued and unseen. 

Where do you go from there? 

Resent yourself?

Resent your superiors?

Resent your co-workers?


Then you become stuck in a toxic space that – although you believe is caused by others – actually stems from you and your attitude in the workplace. 

It’s hard.

No matter which way you look at it…


Women like you and me?

 We still have to contend with a work environment that has us second-guessing our own potential. 

 …Committing to more than we can physically manage just to prove that we can do it all. 

This leads to that moment where you’re sacrificing for a promotion that will never come…

When you’re working for a company that doesn’t value or see your contribution…

When you’re barely keeping your integrity together as your workload becomes more and more overwhelming with little reward in place. 

Understand Your Power

Learn how to overcome the modern challenges for women
in the 4th industrial revolution.

 Executive Presence: Power-Glide Through the Leadership Glass Ceiling

You say yes…

When what you really need to start doing is saying no. 

You say more…

When what you really want is less.

The inescapable fear that you’ll be seen as not good enough…

Not worthy…

Incompetent in a space where you’re really overworked and undervalued. 

And you know…

Through all this, my friend…

You’re not saying yes to yourself. 


The truth is:

How do you start saying yes to your needs when you’re so overwhelmed by everything going on in your professional life? 


THAT’S where I can help you shine.

Validating your strengths is more about self-worth than seeking others’ approval. 

I have a passion for helping people reach their professional goals.

…Especially women, making them impactful and effective leaders both in their own life and professional sphere.  

“Toni is an amazing coach and a
wonderful human being.”

She helped me harness my voice to advocate for my ideas and self-worth. Throughout our sessions, she would listen to me talk (sometimes this was more of a therapy session) and then she would turn those questions back on me, pushing me out of my comfort zone to devise solutions. She challenged my old way of thinking and helped me retrain my brain to be a better problem solver.
Jen Paxton

There are 15% fewer women in the tech and startup industry than there were in 1995. 

For all the advancements that have been made…

Women have a far more competitive professional environment to deal with when entering the tech world…

Or startups

And while the startling figures are a result of a myriad of social and economic factors established long before I was born…

We can struggle for equality.

And one day…

That will happen.

But in the meantime?

Working on yourself and what you can control is also an effective strategy. 

Being a leader in tech is not straightforward.

It really isn’t.

I mean…

You’ve got to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Oh, and, more importantly…

For those who feel marginalized in the workplace…

You’ve got to hope and pray that somebody notices you. 

But I believe that the future of leadership lies in valuing employees and individuals as real human assets.

NOT simple tools to be used until they’ve been burnt out… 

I advocate for success on your own terms

Affirming your own achievements rather than seeking the validation and approval of others. 

In an effort to attain that validation from your peers…

You’re yearning for gratification from others.

When real gratification comes from within. 

Be the leader you want to follow.

Not the person the industry dictates you need to be in order to be considered good enough or worthy of success. 

I believe that we shouldn’t all be counting down to retirement.


We should enjoy our lives every day!

And when we enjoy our jobs, lead with passion and a vision for success

We don’t just create better innovations and tech solutions.

No, it’s much more than that…

We build a future in the tech industry that solves problems for everyone and is a fulfilling and exciting place to work.

I want to help you create a successful tech-based future.

A team or a tech startup without the fear of feeling insignificant, overwhelmed or afraid of failure.  

Whether you are in the corporate, research or entrepreneurial space in tech…

We all need to embrace the change that makes better business, better innovations and better outcomes.

And it starts with LEADERSHIP 

The idea that leadership is inherited is a fallacy…

It’s a skill…

And one that is taught throughout life.

Certain individuals get exposed to vital lessons that shape their leadership style and skill from a young age.

If you’re overlooked and given little chance to hone your leadership skills, you won’t develop that skill into an actionable strength.   

We know there are good leaders and bad leaders.


How do you become a good leader?

How do you make the time to acquire new skills?

How do you make sure you deliver on the technical demands of your job while nurturing the team around you?

I’ve got the formula that you need to have it all…

I am an award-winning executive leadership mentor for women-in-tech executives. 

And I’m passionate about helping women develop thriving, lit-up careers they LOVE. 

Without burnout…

Without the hustle

And without sacrificing the rest of your life in an office wishing for a promotion that will never come. 

Executive Presence: Power-Glide
Through the Leadership Glass Ceiling


Learn and implement the key to successful, stress-free leadership and take control of your future…

So that you can go from dreaming…


My influence with senior leaders and executives focuses on you as an individual.

…Helping you understand what is holding you back and providing tailored guidance to help you THRIVE.

During our time working together, we will be focusing on finding your authentic leadership style…

And helping you break through the glass ceiling that holds so many women back in the tech industry.

AND how to bring these skills to the decision-making table to create a bigger and more positive impact on the world around us – through the use of technology.

"Toni brought a whole new perspective and allowed me to think completely differently about how I was approaching my business."

Sarah Osler
"Within weeks of starting work with Toni, I finally got a seat at the exec table…I’ve worked with other coaches before, but Toni has been able to really empower me to think about the things I need to focus on and about how it’s all intertwined."
Jossie Haines
"Toni has pushed me out of my comfort zone to devise solutions to problems that I didn’t think were mine to solve. She challenged my old way of thinking and helped me retrain my brain to be a better problem solver."

Jen Paxton

The future is full of uncertainty

But it is bright!

And while you cannot control the winds of change…

You can take advantage of the breeze, lean in and soar to new heights.

I can teach you how to do that.

Be Authoritative

Learn how to demonstrate your innate authority.

(Even if you feel like you don’t have any)…

…So people take you more seriously, and you get more done as a result!

Executive Presence

Learn about the 6 components of executive presence that you need to hone and refine…

…Starting today.

Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Learn how others see you.

…So that you can figure out where you need to spend your valuable time for the greatest impact. 

Harness Your Reputation

How to earn a reputation for getting things done without actually changing anything about how quickly you deliver.

(And yes… there is a skill to getting the reputation of a problem solver). 

The Authenticity Code

Create the best authentic version of yourself. 

Executive Presence and Leadership rely on authenticity.

But what does this mean? 

How do you show up authentically but now overshare? 

How do you provide authentic leadership but still assert your authority? 

Overcome your inner obstacles

And then use that newfound strength to challenge those you find in your personal and professional life…

With clear and effective LEADERSHIP.

It's Time!

This is all yours…

And you can do so much with it!

Become who you know you can be.

…With a little help.

$47 is all…

For the power and confidence to go after what you deserve. 

Just $47…

To CHANGE your trajectory – for life. 

You know that you want more out of life

But you’re either too afraid or too busy to make a positive change…

Tomorrow doesn’t have to be just another day. 

Understand Your Power

Let me teach you how to reach for your goals and still remain true to yourself. 

My influence with style and experience have changed women’s lives for the better!

Don’t wait for good things to come your way.

Take action and join me, Toni Collis, for my best selling course:

Executive Presence: Power-Glide Through the Leadership Glass Ceiling



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