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Are you a mentor or are you a champion?

Join us for the answer to that (and more!) as we kick off this year talking about careers, mentorship & upleveling your leadership! 

In today’s episode, I invite tech leader & strategist, Bailey Showalter, to share her amazing insights on why women need to stop being mentors (I know it’s a little controversial, but stick with us!) and the real, tangible things that actually help people get hired into leadership roles. 

Ready for the resume, mentorship & career transition goodies you need to make this year your best one yet?

Let’s go to the show!

We dive into:

  • Bailey’s career journey and some powerful insights on what really helps people get hired
  • Why you DO NOT have to start at the bottom of the ladder in your new role
  • One of the hardest shifts to make as a leader – and why you need to do it
  • How to shift THIS unhelpful trend in hiring to get a leg up on your competitors
  • The pros and cons of mentoring & how to be a champion v. a mentor
  • TOP TIPS for writing a better resume as a leader
  • Bailey’s #1 piece of advice if you’re considering your next leadership career move this year
  • And more

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