133: Tackling the Elephant in the Room: Being Assertive as a Woman in Tech

A lot of us have confidence when we’re young – to go for the goal, say the thing we’re thinking, and be who we are – but somewhere along the way (especially for young women) that assertiveness & confidence gets shut down. 

So, how do we get that confidence back, navigate it without falling into the gender stereotype trap, and use it to become even better leaders? 

Let’s talk assertiveness on this week’s show!

In today’s episode, I invite the amazing Courtney Johnston, SVP & Product Manager at Verituity, to share her passion for technology, product management, and leadership. We’re talking about what it means to be an assertive woman in tech and how you can navigate this in your career to uplevel your leadership, build better teams, and reach your goals! 

Ready to learn more about assertiveness and its role in your executive presence?

Let’s go to the show!

We dive into:

  • Courtney’s career journey and why a small company with a great culture is so important to her
  • The connection between your physical presence & your leadership (and how this has shifted with more remote work environments)
  • Her BEST advice for solving problems that other people are NOT seeing!
  • How assertiveness & executive presence are linked
  • One of the apparent differences between being assertive & aggressive (and why we need to shut this down!)
  • How confidence, presence & gender stereotypes play a role in building thriving teams
  • Courtney’s FAVORITE networking tip
  • And more

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