142: Taming Your Inner Critic

Do you ever hear a negative voice in the back of your head? You know the one.

The voice that nags you when you look in the mirror or when you’re presenting at work. The voice that doubts who you are, your accomplishments, or that you can even achieve your dreams?

This is an attack by your inner critic, my love! Let’s talk about how I can help you tame it.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into your inner critic, how it could be holding you back, and some of my favorite ways to help you tame it so you can avoid it getting in the way of your career success.

Ready to learn more about your inner critic and the tools you need to quiet it down?

Let’s go to the show!

I dive into:

  • The inner critic & my favorite tools to help you tame yours

  • My hot take on the inner critic as a catalyst for better performance (hint: I don’t agree!)

  • What happens when we try to fight our inner critical voice (and what to do instead)

  • My favorite tools to help you recognize when your inner critic is kicking in

  • The relationship between imposter syndrome & your inner critic (they are NOT one and the same)

  • A core executive presence technique to help you build self-awareness

  • The data you need to help you make a “trigger plan” & why I suggest having one

  • Reframing & my favorite ways to do it with your inner critic

  • And more

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