143: The Role of Community in Your Leadership Journey

From humanitarian work to leadership coaching, this week’s guest, Ghaz, is an incredible force for amplifying women’s voices in the workplace & championing the role of community in the leadership journey. 

Let’s talk about how you can use the tools of building a community & honoring the deep humanity in yourself and your team to thrive in your career!

In today’s episode, I invite Ghaz Samandari Ph.D., Team and Culture Change Coach & founder of 9Paths, to share her wisdom on the role of community in your leadership journey – why it isn’t simply team building, the organizational benefits it provides, and how to center the human experience in your leadership so you can foster safety & success in your team. 

Ready to learn more about why community is a necessity & how to build more of it?

Let’s go to the show!

We dive into:

  • Ghaz’s background – leaving Iran and her passion for increasing access for women & girls to healthcare

  • Community as a necessity in the workplace (and how it differs from team-building)

  • The BIGGEST benefits of creating a great community in an organization

  • How burnout & a health crisis led to her career transition

  • Powerful leadership tools: coaching and naming

  • How you can better amplify underheard voices at work

  • Ghaz’s TOP TIPS for fostering psychological safety at work

  • And more

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