151: Embracing Your Femininity as a Leadership Trait

Your femininity is a leadership advantage, my love – not something you need to get rid of!

Let’s talk about how embracing your femininity can really deliver for you as a leader. 

In today’s episode, I invite Annie Raygoza, Director of Client Services at Clear Digital, to share her passion for women being women in the workplace. We dig into how femininity is truly a leadership advantage, the cultural shifts we’re seeing in the workplace as a result of more women in leadership, and how to get more vulnerable in your career and become a better ally for other women on your way to the top. 

Ready to find out how far your femininity can take you?

Let’s go to the show! 

We dive into:

  • Annie’s career journey lowlights & highlights
  • Embracing your femininity as one of your most POWERFUL leadership tools
  • How you might be sacrificing your femininity to gain traction (and why you want to stop!)
  • The ways you can use allyship to build yourself and others up in the workplace
  • Annie’s BEST advice to help you to lean into your femininity and achieve your next career goal
  • And more


This episode was sponsored by our guest, Annie Raygoza. Thank you Annie for helping to bring Leading Women in Tech to this community!

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  • Annie’s current read: Horse by Geraldine Brooks
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