175: Respect as a Workplace Asset

What is at the center of your inclusion efforts, my love? 

Let’s talk about how focusing on respect can propel your organization and team to their highest potential! 

In today’s episode, I invite Dr. Gena Cox, trained organizational psychologist and executive strategist & coach, to have an important conversation about leadership and the power of respect as a workplace asset. 

Ready for the heart-centered approach to inclusion that you’ve been searching for? Let’s go to the show! 

We dive into: 

– Gena’s career journey to organizational psychology 

– Why she focuses on respect as a KEY outcome 

– The challenges of the immigrant experience in the workplace 

– A VITAL leadership solution to bridging inclusion gaps 

– The practical reasons we should focus on DEI in our organizations 

– Respect – the 3 components & its importance as a corporate value 

– And more 

**Useful links** 

Connect with today’s guest Gena Cox 

○ Website: https://www.genacox.com 

○ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/genacox/ 

○ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/genacoxphd/ 

○ Check out Gena’s Book Leading Inclusion. 

Gena’s current read: The Mirrored Door by Ellen Taaffe


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