200: Celebrating Women in Tech, Beating the Burnout, and Letting Go of Needing to Be Like the Men in the Room with Lindsay Kulzer, Allison Williams, and Jennifer Peters

Ready to dive into the empowering journeys of three extraordinary women in tech?

In today’s episode, I invite three amazing women I have the honor of supporting to dive into their experiences, insights, and triumphs through the lens of executive coaching. Lindsay, Allison, and Jennifer candidly share their motivations for seeking executive coaching, its transformative impact on their professional development, and powerful career lessons around overcoming imposter syndrome, burnout, gender bias, and more. We explore the pivotal moments that led them to join The Lit Up Leadership Academy, the biggest successes they’ve achieved, and the one thing they wish they had known about themselves a decade ago.


We dive into:

  • The highlights and lowlights from their three incredible tech careers
  • Why they joined the Lit Up Leadership Academy
  • Some of their biggest academy successes: empathy, celebration, and finding alignment
  • Effectively dealing with imposter syndrome and self-doubt in career transition
  • Lessons on kindness and empathy in leadership, pushing tech boundaries, and external validation
  • And more


Join us to uncover the importance of embracing one’s identity, confronting self-doubt, and cultivating resilience in the face of adversity – you don’t want to miss these valuable leadership insights & strategies! 

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