201: Negotiating Your Worth: Salary, Recognition, and Opportunities

It’s time to seek the rewards you deserve in your career!

Let’s talk about negotiation – a core skill essential for your career success. 


In this episode, I dive into useful strategies for negotiating your worth and how to own your value regarding salary, recognition, and advancement opportunities. I discuss my top tips for negotiating compensation, handling job offers (counter and multiple), and positioning yourself for advancement. But it’s not just the practical tools you need, we’ll dive into the mindset around owning your value, understanding your limits, and overcoming the specific negotiation challenges faced by women in tech, ensuring you can advocate effectively for the compensation and opportunities you deserve. 


Ready for the actionable tips to help you reach your next salary goal or dream role? It’s time to understand your worth and master the art of negotiation. 


I dive into:

  • Practical strategies for negotiating salary for a new role – or the raise you deserve!
  • A simple, but essential TIP to help you negotiate your worth
  • Considering immediate & long-term goals in your negotiations
  • Navigating recognition and advancement opportunities
  • Effectively handling job offers: counter offers, rejections & multiple offers
  • The mindset of negotiation: exploring your limits and owning your value
  • And more
Let’s go to the show!

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