202: Hacking Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Being a Great Leader with Dr. Hayley Nelson

Let’s talk neuroscience (and leadership, of course)!

Join me for this enlightening conversation with Dr. Hayley Nelson, a passionate neuroscientist and professor, who dives deep into the intricacies of how our brains operate and the neuroscience of being a great leader. 


In this episode, Dr. Hayley shares her personal journey, detailing how overcoming a traumatic experience led her to pursue a career in neuroscience, despite having other early ambitions. We discuss the difference between the brain and the mind, how to rewire our brains to change our outlook, and embracing resistance as a crucial part of creating lasting change in mindset or habits. We dive into the mindset of optimism vs. toxic positivity, instilling an effective mindset in your team, productivity insights from a neuroscience perspective, and embracing & managing neurodivergent team members.


We dive into:

  • Dr. Hayley’s journey to becoming a neuroscientist professor
  • A look at negativity from the neuroscience perspective
  • Leading through challenges: optimism vs. toxic positivity
  • The neuroscience behind effective mindset
  • Her advice for encouraging an effective mindset in your team
  • Productivity & motivation in the workplace
  • Embracing and managing neurodivergence and individuality in your team members
  • And more


Ready to learn how neuroscience can transform your approach to leadership and personal growth?

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