204: Bounce-Back-Ability: Mastering the Art of Resilience as a Leader

Join us as Angie bravely revisits her journey through a career that lacked fulfillment!

One of the topics we dive into is Mental health & resilience: health crisis prevention and recovery!

In this episode, I have the privilege of speaking with Angie Read, a remarkable woman who spent 25 years in corporate communications, navigating the complexities of big tech and other industries. Known for her extraordinary resilience, Angie faced a life-altering challenge at 46 when she suffered a massive ischemic stroke. Despite her determination to return to work after just a few months of rehab, Angie found herself battling debilitating anxiety and depression.


Join us as Angie bravely revisits her journey through a career that lacked fulfillment, her mental health crisis after her stroke, and how she navigated being laid off. She sheds light on recognizing the signs of a physical or mental health crisis, understanding the true cost of perfectionism, and why it shouldn’t be worn as a badge of honor.

We dive into:

  • Angie’s career journey including the story of her stroke and how it ignited her passion for helping stroke survivors reclaim their confidence
  • The intense anxiety and depression she faced upon returning to work and her subsequent disability leave due to mental health
  • Angie’s biggest lessons around career success and identity
  • Mental health & resilience: health crisis prevention and recovery
  • Strategies for managing stress and “the superwoman complex”
  • Returning to work: emotional regulation and cultivating a leadership brand
  • And more


Ready to learn how Angie transformed her adversities into a powerful story of resilience and discover valuable lessons on managing stress, anxiety, and perfectionism in leadership?

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