025: What high performance leaders do differently during slower times

We are well and truly into the December slowdown.

But what do you do in a slow period? 

Do you put your feet up, pause and breath a deep sigh of relief?

Do you just keep going because you don’t know what else to do?

Or something else entirely?

Whether December is a time when you slow-down, or if this comes at another time of the year for you, what you do in these calmer periods is the foundation to your success in the medium and long term. And yet so many people miss out on this opportunity.

Because success isn’t built on maintaining the hustle and high productivity. Success is built on leveraging slower times to thrive in busier times. 

But success does require that you know exactly how you are using that time, and being as strategic as possible with it, whether for you personally or your organization.

So let’s talk slow-down strategy, and how to ensure you operate at your best all year round by enjoying times such as these.

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