034: Embracing Asynchronous Communication to Build Thriving Remote-Friendly Teams

Does it feel like you are drowning in excessive meetings? Ready to get back to work and spend more time doing the things that light you up and move things forward?

Let’s talk about how to overcome the common issues with working remotely by focusing on and enhancing the communication skills within your team. 

In today’s episode, I take you through my TOP SIX STRATEGIES to implement effective asynchronous communication into your team so you can dramatically improve productivity and output (while working remotely)!

Ready to embrace asynchronous communication and start operating at a higher level?

Let’s go to the show!

I dive into:

  • What asynchronous communication is and the BIGGEST thing you need to deal with to effectively move into it
  • My TOP SIX STRATEGIES to implement effective asynchronous communication into your team
  • How to decrease the number of meetings you attend and why this can IMPROVE communication!
  • The MOST IMPORTANT reasons communication could be holding your team back from higher productivity and output (and what to do about it!)
  • Identifying where you can use synchronous communication effectively (without unnecessary meetings!)
  • The BIGGEST objection you will come up against when trying to reduce meetings (and how to bust through it!)
  • Practical tools and systems to help your team with asynchronous communication
  • The common ways Slack and other comparable systems are misused
  • And more!

Show Notes

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