An International Women’s Day Celebration of

Leading Women in Tech

Day: International Women’s Day 2023: Wednesday, March 8th 

Time: 8.30am PST / 10.30am CST / 4.30pm UK / 5.30pm CET 

TO  11.30am PST / 2.30pm CST / 7.30pm UK / 8.30pm CET

Where: Online (Register for free to get access)

Join us as we celebrate International Women’s Day and level up women in tech across the globe. 

In celebration of International Women’s Day, this workshop led by Executive Coach and Women’s Leadership Expert, Toni Collis, will explore how to affect change as a woman leader, the challenges we face in our careers, and top skills that we need to change the world around us. We’ll be digging into skills to help you and your career, alongside how to be the leader that your colleagues need you to be (and why we need more women to do this!).


Toni Collis

CEO and Master Coach at

Natalie Barron

Executive Coach

Kelly Bristol

VP of Data Science

Sushma Nallapeta

CTO at Trusted Health

Kathryn Vandiver

Vice President of Engineering of a start-up in San Francisco.

Megan Walsh

Head of Research: Associate Experience and Measurement- Enterprise

Lindsay White

People Leadership Expert


As a high performing, driven professional, are you constantly battling exhaustion, a never-ending “to-do” list and barely enough time to fit in a workout?

Do you have aspirations of being promoted, but worry that the “next” role will cause even more chaos to your work/life balance?

You’re not alone.

This presentation will help you understand why identifying, communicating, and honoring your boundaries are vital for your personal as well as your professional development.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn the 3 simple steps for creating a boundary.
  2. Identify how to communicate & maintain your boundaries with clarity and confidence.

Positive Intelligence is a powerful operating system that can help you shift from negative to positive emotions quickly, generating greater creativity, better problem solving and deeper connections.

Let’s dig into how you can best utilize it in your everyday leadership & maximize your results.

Key takeaways:

  1. Develop a deeper understanding of your own Saboteurs (that negative inner self-talk) and how they hold you back from being an impactful leader.
  2. Establish how building your mental fitness supports you in being a more impactful leader  – in your personal & professional life.

Learn the tools & techniques for being truly strategic & building a career that you love in the swiftest time possible, while avoiding blockers and setbacks and all things that hold us up and feel a little bit miserable.

Then we will dig into applying the skills you have to be a good leader and turn those into assets for your career so that your career is no longer just about what everyone else needs but what you need as well.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn the 3-set process for putting together a project plan for your career that you take as seriously as your day job.
  2. Pinpoint what you need to be doing in your career next and why that matters.
  3. Determine how to use career planning to step away from or avoid burnout.

Learn more about the Speakers

Toni Collis

Toni Collis, Ph.D is the CEO of Collis-Holmes Innovations, a multi-award-winning leader and executive leadership coach, international keynote speaker, and consultant.

Toni’s career started in the field of Supercomputing and early on she focused on bringing the field of supercomputing to new users to facilitate discovery by expanding the reach of supercomputing as a solution tool.

As Founder of Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC), Toni developed and led innovations aiming to diversify the international Supercomputing workforce, providing technical tutorials designed for women, training and consultancy on building inclusive workforces, and research into how to improve the representation of women.

Today Toni has focused her career on her passion for broadening diversity & inclusion in the technology industry and now offers leadership & executive coaching for women in tech, with a personal goal of assisting 5000 women into the senior leadership roles in the next 5 years.

Toni is known for her authentic, real and energetic communication, teaching and coaching style. Toni is the creator of Lit Up Leadership Academy and the Ignite Coach Academy training the next generation of coaches that understand the unique challenges faced by women and under-represented minorities in tech.

Natalie Barron

A conversation, and the lure of free Snickers and M&M’s at her college career fair, landed Natalie Barron a 27-year career at Mars/Wrigley where she held roles in sales leadership, marketing, and consumer insights. Creating a successful internal leadership coaching program for aspiring leaders kindled her passion for coaching and training and lit her entrepreneurial spirit on fire.

Now, Natalie and her business partner, Lori Tabb, are the Co-Founders of Momentum Partners. Together, they are experts in helping leaders and teams communicate more effectively through their 1:1 Executive Coaching, proprietary Women Leading Powerfully coaching program,leadership retreats and workshops.

Natalie is an International Coaching Federation PCC certified coach, and has received additional training and certifications from iPEC, Positive Intelligence, MBTI, DiSC, and Korn Ferry. She is also the host of the M-Power podcast which has listeners in 21 countries. She lives in Los Angeles, CA and loves hiking and paddle boarding with her two daughters.

Kelly Bristol

Kelly Bristol is a VP of Data Science for market research and data analytics companies, currently working in ad tech where she brings the latest research methods and audience measurement technology to market. She has over a decade of experience researching audience behavior in television, radio, and streaming. During her time in the industry she has helped design, develop and launch over five different audience measurement tools measuring millions of viewers and listeners each year. She is passionate about diverse leadership and regularly mentors new leaders as they build and scale teams for the first time.

Sushma Nallapeta

Sushma (Sue) is a technology leader and executive passionate about building highly performant, scalable engineering systems and driving business outcomes. She has over a decade of experience across various consumer facing businesses and marketplaces and is currently the CTO at Trusted Health. She is excited about building a culture that encourages learning, growth, and effective processes that span remote teams and all levels of the organization. Sue is also passionate about driving diversity/inclusion initiatives and creating products that solve people problems through the power of technology. Her motto is “Make a lot of decisions since it enables you to think, learn and grow faster”. A leader that is known to bring calm to the chaos, Sue is constantly pushing herself to learn and grow, and to build products that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Kathryn Vandiver

As a global engineering leader, Kathryn takes her ‘can-do’ approach to motivate teams through software delivery, product updates, code modernization, and team transformation. With experience at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, she is known for extracting the best from teams to deliver products that delight customers. A core skill of Kathryn is in partnering and giving voice to influencers and naysayers to determine what’s working and what’s not and adopting best practices that energize the effort. Kathryn has held various leadership roles and is currently Vice President of Engineering of start-up in San Francisco.

Megan Walsh

Megan Walsh is a strategic leader who brings a tailored approach to research strategies and methodologies to address dynamic and fast-paced business needs. With a background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience she has harnessed her passion for understanding how we interact with our physical, digital, and social environments into 15 years of driving transformations in measurement, tools, and technology. After earning her Masters in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Johns Hopkins University, Megan worked her way from an entry level position at a small non-profit company to senior leadership at a renowned media rating agency. She is currently applying her craft at a Fortune 500 company to research and demonstrate the impact of creating exceptional employee experiences on business outcomes in the fintech industry. In addition to her passion for humans, she is equally passionate about animals and serves as a personal cat slave to her cat, Midas, and tug toy enthusiast for her pitbull rescue, Boomtown.

In the wild you are likely to see her at the dog park, the gym lifting heavy things, or traveling with her best friend and husband, Zach.

Lindsay White

Lindsay is a sought-after leadership coach, people operations expert, speaker, facilitator and podcast host who believes that every business, no matter the size, deserves three things – great leadership, an impactful people strategy, and a culture that inspires.

First, and foremost, Lindsay is passionate about guiding business leaders at all levels in creating a leadership style that is authentic and grounded in their own values and purpose. Her powerful coaching style leverages her extensive background coaching senior leaders, executives and entrepreneurs as they develop and embrace their personal leadership practice.

Lindsay also utilizes her 15 years in strategic talent management to guide these incredible leaders in creating inclusive cultures and developing the people strategy that is often missing from their business plans. Knowing when amazing teams are connected by purpose, programs and processes that inspire, they create amazing results.

As an entrepreneur, working Mom, and first-time Grandmother, Lindsay knows
that the blend between work and life can be difficult to create. That’s why she loves to coach and guide leaders as they navigate their personal leadership journey and create the work & life blend they long for. Her focus on people strategy, team engagement, communication and leadership development all help her clients drive their business goals while creating work environments where everyone feels like they belong.




205: Vulnerability in Leadership: Breaking Down Barriers