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The podcast that helps women in tech accelerate their influence, step into their dream leadership career and break through the glass ceiling.

201: Negotiating Your Worth: Salary, Recognition, and Opportunities

It’s time to seek the rewards you deserve!

Let’s talk about negotiation – a core skill essential for your career success.

In this episode, I dive into useful strategies for negotiating your worth and how to own your value regarding salary, recognition, and advancement opportunities. I discuss my top tips for negotiating compensation, handling job offers (counter and multiple), and positioning yourself for advancement. But it’s not just the practical tools you need, we’ll dive into the mindset around owning your value, understanding your limits, and overcoming the specific negotiation challenges faced by women in tech, ensuring you can advocate effectively for the compensation and opportunities you deserve.

Ready for the actionable tips to help you reach your next salary goal or dream role? It’s time to understand your worth and master the art of negotiation.

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200: Celebrating Women in Tech, Beating the Burnout, and Letting Go of Needing to Be Like the Men in the Room with Lindsay Kulzer, Allison Williams, and Jennifer Peters

Ready to dive into the empowering journeys of three extraordinary women in tech?

In today’s episode, I invite three amazing women I have the honor of supporting to dive into their experiences, insights, and triumphs through the lens of executive coaching. Lindsay, Allison, and Jennifer candidly share their motivations for seeking executive coaching, its transformative impact on their professional development, and powerful career lessons around overcoming imposter syndrome, burnout, gender bias, and more. We explore the pivotal moments that led them to join The Lit Up Leadership Academy, the biggest successes they’ve achieved, and the one thing they wish they had known about themselves a decade ago.

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199: From Glass Ceiling to Glass Microphone: How Women Can Break Through Communication Barriers in Tech Leadership

The glass ceiling concept is well known in the world of work, especially in male-dominated fields like tech. But what about its lesser-known counterpart – the glass microphone?

Many of us have felt the frustration of not being heard or taken seriously, our ideas dismissed before we can fully express them. This glass microphone barrier can hurt our career advancement and lead to stress and burnout.

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198: Mindfulness in Leadership: Cultivating Presence

Mindful leadership is powerful leadership!

Let’s talk about the power of mindfulness and how cultivating presence in your leadership will benefit your professional journey.

In today’s episode, I dive into the important role mindfulness plays in leadership development and elevating your executive presence – and how to cultivate it! I explore how key elements of executive presence such as adaptability, strategic vision, and confident communication can be improved through mindfulness, and the practical steps you can take toward more presence in these areas to become a more mindful leader.

Ready to use mindfulness to elevate your executive presence and transform your leadership?

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197: Getting Started With Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion with Jacqui Barrett

If you’re interested in being a leader that promotes a sustainable, enjoyable, and nurturing work environment, prioritizing equity, diversity, and inclusion is a must.

In today’s episode, I invite Jacqui Barrett, CEO of Wider Thinking, to share her inspiring career journey and passion for fostering inclusive workplaces and driving organizational change. We dive into an important discussion on equity diversity and inclusion (EDI) and share actionable insights on creating nurturing work environments, implementing strategies like flexible working arrangements to promote diversity, and overcoming burnout as we strive to apply EDI in our careers.

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196: The Cost of Constant Hustle: Avoiding Burnout in Leadership

It’s time to shift the narrative, to recognize that being in a perpetual state of hustle isn’t the key to success – it’s a catalyst for burnout.

In this episode, I explore the cost of constant hustle and why, contrary to popular belief, it’s not the path to greatness in your leadership career. Join me as I disprove the myths surrounding overwork and dive into solutions, from realistic goal setting to the importance of delegation and healthy boundaries.

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195: Hold Don’t Carry with Lindsay White

In this episode, HR veteran turned Executive Coach, Lindsay White, joins me to discuss learning to hold space without shouldering undue burdens and how this skill sets great leaders apart. We dive into the nuances of holding emotional space as a leader, cultivating resilience and stamina by “not carrying”, using lead and lag measures effectively, and the roles accountability and delegation hold within the “Hold, Don’t Carry” paradigm.

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194: Speaking Up: Communicating Complex Ideas Simply

Have you ever found yourself lost in a complex presentation? Maybe you were the presenter and the audience looked a bit confused.

If you want to be an effective senior leader, communicating complex ideas in a simple way is a key skill.

In this episode, we’re talking about communicating complex ideas with simplicity, the biggest traps to avoid, and the tools and tips to help you overcome this common leadership hurdle.

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193: Learning to Look at Failure Differently with Lydia Bai

Failure can be a fascinating contributor to our career success or career hurdles – and it’s determined by the way we look at it.

Let’s talk about failure and learning to look at it differently.

In this week’s episode, I invite recovering investment banker and life coach, Lydia Bai, to discuss failure, how her toxic relationship with achievement impacted her ability to thrive at work, and how burnout, imposter syndrome, motivation, and self-confidence can all be linked to the way we perceive our failure.

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192: Leadership Lessons From My Dad

Many of the key traits that I teach and live by as a woman and entrepreneur were developed by learning from my dad.

His persistence, patience, and passion…all helped make me a better leader.

Today, I want to share a very special and personal episode with you as I honor my dad and tell you about the powerful impact he had on me and others, and how these leadership lessons can bring insight to your own life and leadership journey.

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