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142: Taming Your Inner Critic

Do you ever hear a negative voice in the back of your head? You know the one.

The voice that nags you when you look in the mirror or when you’re presenting at work. The voice that doubts who you are, your accomplishments, or that you can even achieve your dreams?

This is an attack by your inner critic, my love! Let’s talk about how I can help you tame it.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into your inner critic, how it could be holding you back, and some of my favorite ways to help you tame it so you can avoid it getting in the way of your career success.

Ready to learn more about your inner critic and the tools you need to quiet it down?

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141: Creating a Career That You Love as a Woman in Tech

Confidence, support & boundaries – are you getting what you need at work?

Let’s talk about how to create a career that you love as a woman in tech!

In today’s episode, I invite my dear friend, mentor, and SVP at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Trish Damkroger, to talk to us about her career journey, her incredible work with HPC & supercomputing, and her favorite advice and tools for elevating your leadership.

Ready to learn more about the mindset & strategy you need to thrive at work?

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140: Is Quiet Quitting a Bad Thing?

“Quiet quitting” is trending…but what is it really?

Let’s talk about quiet quitting and what it really means for us as individuals and leaders in the workplace.

In today’s episode, I’m exploring the quiet quitting concept and how you can positively navigate it in your career. I dive into the pros & cons, the signs to look out for, and how to lead you/your team if you think this trend is becoming a barrier or block to your leadership.

Ready to have a conversation around effort, boundaries & the way we think about work?

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139: Enjoying the Journey: How to Climb the Leadership Ladder and Thrive as You Do

Do you know what isn’t talked about enough, my love? How to actually enjoy the journey to the c-suite.

Let’s talk about how to climb the leadership ladder – and thrive as you’re doing it!

In today’s episode, I invite extraordinary coach, Tracy Crossley, to share her insights on leadership, mindset, and the practical steps you can take to feel more empowered as you enjoy the journey to breaking that glass ceiling!

Ready for the tools you need to make climbing the leadership ladder easier?

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138: Being a Great Discussion Facilitator

Did you know that every great boss you’ve ever had most likely had great facilitation skills?

Let’s talk about being a great discussion facilitator & why strengthening this skill will uplevel your ability to lead and set you up for executive success!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into what makes a great facilitator, why you need this skill to achieve success in your leadership career, and how to effectively facilitate so that your team feels heard & empowered to make decisions, solve problems, and reach their goals!

Ready to add facilitation to your leadership toolkit?

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137: Salary Negotiation 101

Are you negotiating what you’re really worth at the job offer and/or promotion stage of your career?

Let’s talk about negotiation as a fundamental part of your leadership toolkit!

In today’s episode, I’m delighted to be joined by Claudia Miller, career coach for women in tech & champion for women looking to land fulfilling jobs at the senior level. We discuss building a case for promotion, developing high-value skills so you can get paid more, and how you can leverage salary negotiations & build a strategy that truly uplevels your career!

Ready to dive into salary negotiation 101 & the tools you need for success in your leadership journey?

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136: How Having Boundaries and Structure Gives You Freedom

I know setting boundaries and structure in your life and career can feel a bit restricting, but the truth is – it actually sets you free, my love!

Let’s talk about boundaries and structure and how they give you the freedom you need to become the extraordinary leader, senior-level executive, or amazing individual contributor that can have real influence in your organization.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into the ways you can implement more boundaries and structure in your life and career so you can free up your time, energy & capacity for the things that really matter and will move you forward.

Ready to give boundary setting a real go?

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135: Does Your Style Impact Your Ability to Lead

Does what we wear as women really matter? My guest today has a lot to say on the matter and is sharing some new tools for your toolbox that might be worth investigating.

Let’s talk about your style and its impact on your ability to lead!

In today’s episode, I invite Image Consultant Melanie Lippman to talk to us about this (sometimes controversial) topic and how your personal brand & image can help you succeed as a woman in a male-dominated field.

Ready for the practical tools you need to walk into any room with confidence and achieve greatness in your career?

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134: The Storming, Forming, Norming, and Performing Cycle and What This Means For Your Team

Managing your team’s performance is one of your most important tasks (and can often become a big challenge too). Understanding the psychological stages of group development and leading them through these stages effectively can be the KEY to achieving great team performance.

Not sure how to do that? I got you, my love!

Let’s talk about performance and how to use the storming, forming, norming & performing cycle to help your team achieve positive & impactful results!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into this 4-phase framework to help you understand group formation and the stages your team is going through so you can effectively lead them through ANY challenge that comes up.

Ready to help your team work together and move through these stages with ease?

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133: Tackling the Elephant in the Room: Being Assertive as a Woman in Tech

A lot of us have confidence when we’re young – to go for the goal, say the thing we’re thinking, and be who we are – but somewhere along the way (especially for young women) that assertiveness & confidence gets shut down.

So, how do we get that confidence back, navigate it without falling into the gender stereotype trap, and use it to become even better leaders?

Let’s talk assertiveness on this week’s show!

In today’s episode, I invite the amazing Courtney Johnston, SVP & Product Manager at Verituity, to share her passion for technology, product management, and leadership. We’re talking about what it means to be an assertive woman in tech and how you can navigate this in your career to uplevel your leadership, build better teams, and reach your goals!

Ready to learn more about assertiveness and its role in your executive presence?

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