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Why self promotion is an essential leadership skill

Ever been in the position where you knew you were ready for a promotion?

You’d blown all your targets and KPIs out of the water. You had gone above and beyond in basically every aspect of your job. Everyone you worked with thought you already had the job title you and your boss both agreed that you should be going for. Then promotion time comes around and… nothing.

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Improving working relationships

Working relationships, how we interact and how we feel about the people around us impact our productivity, a team’s productivity and whether we enjoy what we do each day. But most of us don’t actively cultivate good relationships at work, so here are my top tips for improving relationships to make the most of your team, whether you are a current or aspiring leader.

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Leading by listening​

Have you been in a meeting recently, where the person who seemed to get the most attention was the person who shouted the loudest? Did you quietly sit there wondering why they got so much attention?

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