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126: What to Do if You Feel Defensive All the Time

Does it feel like you’re constantly defending yourself at work? This can turn into a downward spiral of defensiveness that can be very draining (for you and your team) and unhelpful for your career progress.

But did you know there are some tested tools and techniques to help you with this? (It’s true, my love – I’ve helped clients with this very thing!)

Let’s talk about what to do if you’re feeling defensive at work.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my biggest takeaways on defensiveness in the workplace – how it manifests in our leadership & teams, the psychology of what’s going on, and my favorite tips for tackling it.

Ready to break the cycle and feel calmer and happier in your career?

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125: The Power of Reframing as a Leader in Tech

The ability to reframe is a powerful tool. Did you know you can actually use it to become a better leader?

Let’s talk about the power of reframing and how you can shift your perspective to have a bigger, more positive impact on your team & career!

In today’s episode, I invite leadership coach, author, and keynote speaker, Lia Garvin (aka The Queen of Reframing), to share the practical ways you can use the art of reframing in your career to shift your thoughts, insights, and ideas to feel more optimistic about your work – and become a better leader.

Ready for the tool you need to help you and your team break through to that next level?

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124: How Positive Psychology Can Make You a Better Leader

Part of your role as a leader is to care about your team’s performance, right? What if I told you there’s a proven way to build a happier and more optimistic team, and by extension, better performance?

Let’s talk about how positive psychology can make your team sparkle, and make YOU a better leader!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into positive psychology – what it is, its role in the workplace, and my TOP 7 TIPS for using it to build flourishing, enjoyable & productive teams and to uplevel your own leadership.

Ready for the positive psychology techniques you need to become a better leader?

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123: Creating a Culture That Lifts Everyone Up with Jen Paxton

Did you know that you can contribute to improving culture in the tech industry?

You absolutely can, my love! Let’s talk about the practical things you can do daily to create an extraordinary culture that lifts everyone up.

This week, I invite Jen Paxton, VP of People at Smile, HR/recruitment leader, and co-founder of Jamyr, to talk about people operations and how to create better cultures. Whether you’re a leader or head of people (like Jen!), this episode is gold if you want to foster a great culture of feedback, build great communities, and have a team that is working FOR you rather than against you.

Ready to build connections and relationships with people that will serve you, your organization, and your leadership career?

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122: Getting Comfortable with Negotiation

Negotiation. (I know, even reading the word can bring some discomfort).

But no matter how you feel about it, great negotiation skills are a KEY to making sure you get what you need at work (and in life)!

So, whether negotiation stirs some major anxiety, or you’re simply looking to uplevel your skills – this one’s for you.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my favorite tips & tools to help you get more comfortable with negotiation so you can get the things that you want. Ready to grab that senior-level position, get that well-deserved salary bump, or start negotiating deals like the amazing leader you are?

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121: Building Great Engineering Teams in Tech Companies

Whether you’re in engineering, working alongside engineering teams, or you’re just looking to uplevel your career in tech – I have a treat for you this week, my love!

Today, I invite three extraordinary and powerful leaders in the tech industry to talk about their unique experiences building great engineering teams. Join us as Jossie, Kathryn & Sushma share their approaches to getting ahead as engineering leaders, and how to build better relationships with these important teams in your own organization.

Ready to learn more about how engineering interacts with the rest of the organization – and gain some powerful leadership tools along the way?

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120: Navigating Decision-Making with Executives

Ever felt frustrated by an executive decision that you didn’t understand? (I’ve been there, my love!)

Executive decision-making can be difficult to navigate. Whether you’re the executive who is making the decisions, an aspiring executive, or you’re simply working with them – there are ways to improve this process so it works for the entire team (and gets you further in your career)!

In today’s episode, I’m digging into how to better understand what’s driving executive decision-making and the areas to focus on so you can get better at interfacing with them, and even help them make better decisions that work for you!

Ready to improve cooperation, get rid of the confusion and frustration you’re feeling with your executives, and improve your career?

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119: Changing the Corporate Landscape for the Better Through Our Individual Action

Struggling to find success AND joy in your career? It might be time to develop a new relationship with work & success.

(Because the truth is, my love, success is NOT a destination – it’s a feeling!)

Let’s talk about the “Success Wound” and the role it might be playing in your leadership and career.

In today’s episode, I invite career coach for conscious female leaders, Brooke Taylor, to dive into this powerful idea of the “Success Wound”, how it could be holding you, your team & your organization back from TRUE success, and the ways you can contribute to changing the corporate landscape for the better.

Ready to let go of the baggage and define success on your own terms?

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118: The Upside of Being the Only Woman in the Room

We’re back for the third and final part of our special 3-part series on being the only woman in the room!

Did you know you can actually enjoy being the only woman in the room? (I know this can be triggering because this is NOT the ideal scenario, but there are some silver linings!)

In today’s episode, Micha and I dive into the opportunities that come with being the only woman in the room and how you can shift your thinking around this to start approaching your career as a woman in tech with more optimism.

Ready to get inspired and leverage some of the opportunities available to you, my love?

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117: Being the Only Woman in the Room: Executive Leadership Discussion

We’re back for part 2 of our special 3-part series on being the only woman in the room!

Because, yes – being the only woman in the room can be tough.

BUT it can also get better!

This week, Micha and I invite a panel of four extraordinary women in tech to join us for an executive leadership discussion. We dive deeper into this important issue and discuss the benefits and opportunities of “being the only woman”, some of our BEST tips and advice for excelling as women in tech, and a quickfire question round to give you some powerful insights you can use to uplevel your leadership and career.

Ready for things to get better? (It is SO possible, my love.)

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