Leveraging LinkedIn


Hey, Leading Women in Tech
If you’re thinking of landing a new job, getting a promotion, more responsibilities or a decision-making seat at the table next year, you’re going to want to read this.


No one cares about your skills and experience, that knowledge you bring to the table.

Unless you give them a reason to. 

The Leveraging LinkedIn Kit is a step-by-step system to stand out from the crowd and supercharge your career, craft your LinkedIn presence so that you power-glide to the top, get noticed, and get those career results you are after.

Are you...

→  wondering why you are on LinkedIn because no one ever approaches you with opportunities?

→  staring at your profile and wondering where on Earth to get started?

→  getting contacted for *all the wrong things*  and none of the things you want?


LinkedIn is rarely the most fun social network to be on and update, but having a standout profile can help you land your dream job.

Here’s a bit of a truth bomb for you:

There’s someone out there right now that is not as good at what you do as you are. 

But they’re making more of an impact (and probably making more money!) because they are more visible.

You need to stand out!

There are 700+ million people on LinkedIn, all competing for attention.

But this is also the place to be, because…


  • No potential employer emails you and says, “You weren’t invited to interview because we couldn’t find you on LinkedIn.”                           
  • A previous colleague doesn’t tell you that they searched for you, found a profile that was basically empty or that they couldn’t find you and therefore didn’t tell you about a great opportunity. They just don’t get in touch and move on to someone else instead.
  • Someone looking to hire a consultant, doing exactly what you do, just moves on to the next search result if you don’t come up in the top 10!
  • A recruiter looking for your exact set of skills and experiences, but offering to pay $40K more than your current role, doesn’t call you just because they didn’t find you on LinkedIn. They just don’t know you exist!


So your profile has to not just exist, but stand out from the other people on the platform.


It needs to be found by the people that can offer you great opportunities and that will benefit from your talents (because yes, you are talented!). 


And that is what the Leveraging LinkedIn Kit can do for you.


The Leveraging LinkedIn


takes you through the steps that you need to take to go from hunting for a job to having recruiters fighting over you.

And even if you aren’t job hunting right now – to get to those decision-making seats, you will be checked out on LinkedIn. (And there is nothing better than an enticing job offer to help you negotiate a different job description or a salary bump!).

it's time to

… start giving your LinkedIn profile some love & walk away from the ‘my experience will get me ahead without worrying about my online presence’ attitude.  

Because, yes, your experience will get you ahead, but only if the decision-makers know about it.


Let me ask you:

  • how’s that been working for you so far?
  • Are you getting all the opportunities you want?
  • Is having a LinkedIn profile that is just a repeat of your resume working for you?


Again, this works great in theory … until it doesn’t—until you look up and realize no one is landing on your profile, and you are frustrated that no one sees how awesome you are. 


ESPECIALLY if you’ve got dreams of achieving something bigger in your career.


In just 3-4 hours (broken down into small, bite-sized tasks) you can transform your profile and start standing out.

-> Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Follow this kit to build one from the ground up!


  • More than 6 million IT decision-makers are on LinkedIn (yes that includes those hiring managers who will search for you before they are even prepared to meet you)
  • 90% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn (and many of those use it pretty much exclusively)

It can be hard to stand out on a network of over 700 million users but this kit will do just that!

This kit is structured to enable you to build a stand-out profile, that puts you top in those valuable search results and profiles views and gets you to the top of the list. 

And the because this kit is designed to be done in bite-sized pieces, you get to take action in whatever small chunks of time you have as you want to fit it in around your job. Most tasks take just 5 or 10 minutes, and you can easily track progress for when you next have time to take another bite at the action.

(But side-note you can finish a stand-out profile in just an afternoon following the process set-0ut in this kit)


“You need this exact set of experiences — then your career will flourish.”

There is no ‘perfect’ set of experiences. No one way to navigate the tech career ladder. 

And quite simply, trying to fit-in, and be that one specific way, is exhausting. 

What you don’t realise is that your current set of experiences are probably a lot more valuable than you know. What needs to change is how you stand out and share how awesome you really are. (Which means telling the world!)

“You need to be on social media daily to get your next job.”

I’m not going to lie, YES, you need to be consistent if you are building your online reputation. But that social media posting won’t get you the job. People finding you (because you have a profile that stands out), and building a genuine connection with you – that’s what lands the job. 

“Your LinkedIn profile is just an extension of your resume.”

^^^ this is one of the #1 mistakes I see women in tech make. 


Consider this a full-on intervention!

Yes, your LinkedIn profile has much of the same sections as a resume. But your LinkedIn profile is a bigger story. It pulls together all your skills and experience to describe not just who you are right now, but lead a potential employer to see what you could (and should!) be doing for them. And why you are that prime $$ candidate they are after.

Quite simply, your resume doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) have the real-estate for what you are trying to achieve on your LinkedIn profile. The space you have on LinkedIn allows you to explain the twists, turns and difficult decisions that mean you are gold (but you never have the time for on a resume!)



… Ditch holding onto building that perfect set of experiences… instead of taking that next leap

… Stop telling yourself you’ll polish your online profile when you’ve got the perfect skillset

… Applying for 100 jobs because it feels easier (and less scary) than putting your true self out there on LinkedIn (because if you aren’t on LinkedIn those applications won’t lead to anything anyway!)

… Copying and pasting your resume into your LinkedIn profile and expecting it to land you a job 

… Letting your LinkedIn profile fester because your current job doesn’t need that presence 

… Assuming that to get to those senior roles you don’t have time for social media (note… LinkedIn isn’t really social media, and the majority of VPs and above use LinkedIn to the exclusion of all other online platforms)


Instead, it is time to

… use this Leveraging LinkedIn Kit to develop an effective LinkedIn profile that drives opportunity to you … and it’s soooo easy.



here's the cruncher ...

When I figured out how to leverage LinkedIn, I went from wondering what to do next, to getting repeatedly headhunted for opportunities. At one point (just before I set up my own business!) I was receiving at least one interview request a week (often multiple requests per day!). People were asking me to interview for the senior management, C-Suite, board positions, and much more. 

And now, LinkedIn is how 85% of my clients get their next great opportunity – yes really! For some it’s a completely new job, for others, an opportunity has come along that has provided them with the negotiation tools to get that pay-rise or promotion they rightly deserve.

What MOST guides, courses and articles on LinkedIn won't tell you about is how to get top in those search results....

It isn’t enough to just fill out your profile and hope for the best.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you don’t just need a profile that is up-to-date, you need to optimise your LinkedIn SEO (yes really).

And if that sounds scary… don’t worry I’ve got you!

  • QUIT thinking that SEO is something for other people.
  • QUIT thinking that 2020 isn’t the year for new opportunities (so why bother with the profile).

There is no better time to make sure you stand out than when the world needs great talent like you.

There is no better time to make sure you are heard than when the job market is flooded – be the one that is sought after, and you’ll always have great opportunities to go to. 

The Leveraging LinkedIn


There’s an actual strategy behind creating standout LinkedIn profiles that generate interest, trust from readers and opportunities. 

This is mine.

And I’m sharing it with you.


Pair your CAREER DREAMS with your profile content, who you need to reach and why. Figure out who needs to be reaching your profile and tailor your content to them. Because that’s how you land those people on your profile 24/7.


I’ll teach you the number one mistake people make building their profile, how to avoid it, and what you need to demonstrate for where you want to go next in your career..


Because networking is well… work, and social media posting often feels draining. So map out what's necessary, and fill in the gaps with nice-to-have mini-updates and networking check-ins (and repurpose like a boss).

Maybe you’ve heard bits of this before.

But maybe you also get bogged down as you create your profile


…or the idea of putting yourself out there makes you feel icky, uncomfortable about what others think of you and what you are now doing


…or leaves you thinking “Why am I doing this again?” 


I know that in the current world it is hard to think past today, tomorrow or next week. 


But the stand out leaders of tomorrow are standing up today.


They know that if we want the world to be better, that their contribution matters.


And that to contribute, you need a seat at that table.


How can you build yourself a string of opportunities to protect yourself in times such as these?

How can you get yourself that important decision-making position so you can influence the things that you know matter right now?


I get it. I was there, too. 


But then it’s time to remember why you started down this path that is a career in tech  …


… and then it is time to take SUSTAINABLE action to allow you to take the action you know you need to take.


Key word? Sustainable.


The Leveraging LinkedIn


My 7-stage system to take you to a profile that lands you your next great opportunity… 

This step-by-step system will enable you to stand out from the crowd and supercharge your career all through the power of LinkedIn.

And its built from bite-sized, clearly actionable steps. 

Whether you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare or an entire afternoon, I can show you how to build a profile one step at a time. 


➡️ DO THE RESEARCH (yup even if it is daunting, I’ve made this super simple for you!)



That works while you get on with the day job, and gets you traction 24/7.


If you are a sucker for a solid plan you’ll love that this kit includes:

-> Templates for, well, pretty much everything you need.

-> How-to videos for the complicated (and the not so complicated) bits

-> Check-lists to keep the planners and check-listers in you about as happy as can be!

The Leveraged Career Development Strategy Gap Analysis
(worth $97)

Creating a clear plan is everything for a successful career. I know you have big goals, but let’s make sure you know how to get there and in the easiest way possible. 

With a combo of my spreadsheet analysis method, and the valuable research I’m walking you through step-by-step to build your brilliant profile, you are just 20 minutes (often less!) from a clear analysis of the skills and experience you most need to build your career.

Want a clear, ranked, prioritised list of what you should take on in a new role, step up to volunteer for at work, or outside of work, to plug those gaps? Want clarity on whether to take that not dream role because it might just fill in a few missing pieces and be that stepping stone you need?

This is for you.

If you feel that you try new things, and don’t have clarity on what you need to do next to get that dream job, this method is for you. And because I believe that we shouldn’t be wasting our time, I’ve built it in to the Leveraging LinkedIn Kit so you only need to do a fraction of the work of a normal career planning exercise. 

WIN-WIN right?!

This is the exact method I use with 1:1 clients to help them skyrocket their careers. Because until we get clarity on what we REALLY need to get experience in, we are spinning plates, wondering where to land out talents next.


Sometimes we’re so busy in our jobs that we forget that our career (the current and the future that is you and what you love) needs some attention. 

It’s time to give your career the focused attention it deserves, and then sit back and get on with the day-job. 

BUT HEY, I get that buyers remorse is a thing.

But I’m so convinced what I’m giving you is worth far more than what I’m charging that I’m giving you a FULL 7 days to try out the Leveraging LinkedIn kit. If after 7 days you can show you’ve taken action and you aren’t happy, I’ll return the investment. 

But there’s SO MUCH great stuff waiting for you inside this Leveraging LinkedIn Kit.

Who am I anyway?

Hi! I’m Toni – your go-to leadership and career success coach for women in tech

I’ve been obsessed with helping women thrive in their tech careers, and getting the word out that we need more women leading the way in the world of tech!

I get how hard it can be to thrive in Tech. I’ve worked with over 50 women on their careers, developing confidence, leadership skills, public speaking and strategy for successful careers and developing thriving business’. I’ve worked in business and academia, consulted for startups, made it to the tech C-Suite, and I built a charity with an international audience in over 60 countries. 

On the road, I’ve learnt how to do things that skip the queue. And I want that for you too. 

I teach the key mindset shifts that help you get CLEAR about what you do— and where you want to go next.

I help you get out of your own way so you can take great action.

AND I help women learn how to use strategies that allow them to focus on what they love doing and get on with the day job.

But something I see time and time again – is someone who has all the right credentials just not being noticed. 

… and I’m damn tired of exhausted great leaders who aren’t in jobs they love, but don’t feel they have the time to spend getting out of that rut.  

… I want women to be receiving the opportunities they deserve (and the salary that goes with it – because money might not be the thing but if you are ready to change the world, you’ll get taken a whole lot more seriously if you are being paid the same as the men at the table. 


My mission is to empower more women to thrive in tech and create the next generation of women tech leaders that are in a job they love, where the overwhelm melts away, challenges become opportunities and the workplace is a place to thrive.

I built the Leveraging LinkedIn kit for a reason:

As the world experiences chaos, I want more women helping us see the right way to recover.

I want more women in the decision-making lane. 

And I want you to get that opportunity to influence tech for better.


What you get in the Leveraging LinkedIn Kit

  • A complete LinkedIn profile blueprint so that you can build a profile that gets you noticed. I mean I literally take you through my unique recipe for how to go from ideal job to crafting a stellar profile that says to the world ‘she needs this role — head hunt her NOW!
  • Clarity on how to choose your keywords to come tops in the algorithm and in those searches
  • The sections you need (and the ones to skip) to get those crucial profile visits and land that dream opportunity
  • Templates for how to connect with people, ask for recommendations and skill endorsements, that means your boss will want to keep you, giving you negotiating power (if you want to stay!)
  • Know-how on how to maintain your Profile going-forward with minimum effort – what really matters (and what really doesn’t!)
  • Limited Bonus: Professional Profile Review. For a limited time I’m offering the chance to get your new profile reviewed by me! (Worth $497!). I’ve worked with dozens of women, crafting kick-ass profiles, so let me give you an honest review of your new profile and any areas where there is the opportunity for further improvement. 
  • I desperately want you to get your hands on this …

… for just $247.

Or get started for just $90, on the three-month payment plan.


… Ditch holding onto building that perfect set of experiences… instead of taking that next leap?

… Stop telling yourself you’ll polish your online profile when you’ve got the perfect skillset?

… Stop the exhausting plan of applying for 100 jobs because it feels easier (and less scary) than putting your true self out there on LinkedIn (because if you aren’t on LinkedIn those applications won’t lead to anything anyway!)?

… Make LinkedIn work for you and start landing (multiple) dream career offers?




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