Using Coaching as Part
of your Leadership Repertoire


Part 1:

How to become a coach when you’re a leader/executive in tech

Wednesday, August 30

8pm EU | 7pm UK | 2pm ET | 1pm CT | 11am PT

Part 2:

How to use coaching to become a better leader

Thursday, August 31

7pm EU | 6pm UK | 1pm ET | 12pm CT | 10am PT

In This Masterclass You Will Learn How To

Enhance Your Leadership Impact:

Discover the power of coaching as a leadership tool. Learn how to inspire and guide your team members towards their full potential, leading to increased productivity, engagement, and overall success.

Develop Deeper Connections:

Cultivate strong relationships with your team members by applying coaching techniques. Strengthen your active listening skills, empathy, and communication, allowing you to understand and support their unique needs and aspirations.

Drive Collaboration and Innovation:

Coaching fosters a collaborative and inclusive culture within your organization. Explore strategies to empower your team members, encourage diverse perspectives, and unleash their creativity to drive innovation and achieve exceptional results.

Overcome Leadership Challenges:

As a woman in tech leadership, you may face specific challenges. Gain insights and practical tools to overcome these obstacles, empowering you to thrive and make a lasting impact in your role.

This is a must attend if you . . .

Are interested in exploring coaching as a leadership tool

Want to understand how coaching can be applied to your current role

Want to learn more about offering coaching services

Are a woman in tech who is passionate about helping other women in tech

Knows there is a gap in coaching women in tech and want to be part of the solution

A Note From Toni…

I’ve known for much of my career that there was a difference between mentorship and coaching. I knew that mentorship differed from teaching, though I didn’t always have the best mentors role-modeling this to me. But when I had a mentor who had coach training, my career took off! Then I started using coaching itself in my leadership, and the results blew my mind.

Fast-forward years later, and I’m now running a business where I know we are changing women’s lives because of the coaching we do. And I know that the women who have worked with me that bring coaching into their leadership toolkit and use it with their teams are some of the highest-performing leaders I’ve had the privilege to work with.

I’ve also had the honor to train, mentor, and coach women in tech who have gone on to create successful coaching businesses themselves.

Coaching is life-changing. Becoming a coach is a whole new level of life-changing. You have to work on yourself as a person first to have the mindset and bandwidth to be a great coach. And the impact that has on you personally is extraordinary.

Whatever your reason for investigating how coaching might be useful to you, know this: be ready for you to shift mountains. Because you will.I look forward to meeting you inside this Masterclass!

Toni xx