3 Simple & Powerful Strategies
To Accelerate Your Leadership
& Your Career

The Lit-Up Leadership


A 3-Pillar System For Leading With More Impact
& Getting A Seat At The Table

In This Masterclass you will learn


Why all you need to become a stand out leader is to find your 10% edge

And what that means (aka not being the expert of all experts before you step into your true leadership potential!)

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3 Simple and Powerful Steps To Great Leadership That Gets You Noticed (without working like a crazy person)

If you keep creating stellar results and outcomes, but you aren’t getting recognised, so you keep peddling faster on the treadmill, you won’t want to miss this. You’ll learn my tried and tested approach to unlocking your next opportunity and creating bigger impact getting you on the fast-track to that seat at the table (even if you’re just getting started).

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Find out what is working now in the world of leadership

Let’s face it, what worked 18 months ago, doesn’t work now. In a world of remot- first, you need to lead with a new approach. We all need to be empathetic to juggling homeschool and a full-time job. But we still need our team to deliver. And we need to be able to demonstrate this in the way we talk to recruiters, interviewers, potential business partners, customers and stakeholders. Trust has never been more important – and trust in 2021 requires a new type of sparkle.

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How to fast track your leadership by creating your own tailored impact-focused action plan

I know you don’t have time to waste which is why this Masterclass starts with how to get you headhunter-worthy results, fast. PLUS my impact-focused idea generation system that’ll make blank-page syndrome a thing of the past.

Toni gave me a whole new perspective and allowed me to think completely differently.

Her advice is really practical and I was able to implement the strategies immediately, making me feel more in control and positive about my direction.

This is a must attend if...

✓ The #1 reason you haven’t actively worked on building the case for your new job or promotion is because you simply don’t know where to START (you’ll walk away from this training with a game plan and total clarity)

You’ve been doing all-the-things but every step seems like a constant battle and you are just done with having to justify every decision you make and every idea you have.

You’re finding it hard to figure out why others are getting opportunities and you aren’t (must be the old-boys network, right)?

You like the idea of being in the C-Suite, or having a seat at the Executive Table, but don’t feel like it is realistic as you are already busy and overwhelmed.

You’re feeling STUCK in your career. You know you can have more impact, but you just don’t know what the roadmap is from here to there.

A Note From Toni...

“This might be old, but its true:
The best time to build your leadership skills so you can elevate your impact was yesterday... the next best time is today.”

The current global crisis has made that statement truer than it’s ever been. Because a a leader creating impact is the clearest sign of a leader ready to make real change and growing a successful team. A leader that impacts lives, makes money for the business.

And great leaders get to impact lives all while living a high performance life — no matter what’s going on in the world. Because that is the secret sauce — great leadership and a great life really do need to go hand-in-hand, because you need that great life to show up as a great leader. 

If you’re willing to invest just 60 minutes to get fully up to speed on the most powerful “what’s working now” leadership career and impact building strategies… even if you’re starting from scratch, then I promise to reward your energy with only the latest and most effective strategies that will have you leapfrogging over everyone else competing for those high calibre positions in the world of tech.

My goal for you? After this free masterclass, you will never again say the words, “I just don’t know what to do to get taken more seriously for the talents I have.” Stick with me . . . I’ll help you make this a reality

See You There

Toni xx



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