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7 Steps To The C-Suite​

This free (and highly actionable) cheat sheet will walk you through the 7 most common mistakes that every Executive makes on the way to the decision-making table (with only the successful few figuring them out) and how you can avoid them.

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Ditch The Self Doubt

Are you ready to ditch the self-doubt and learn how to thrive and flourish with confidence?
This highly insightful five-part mini-training will help you overcome impostor syndrome and see where impostor syndrome may be holding back your team too!


Coaching Your Team to Inspire Motivation

You’re a busy leader in tech. You don’t need bucket-loads of information. You need the ANSWER, right?

This free guide helps you understand what each of your team members needs for their individual motivation, if any of the components are missing, and then walks you through how coach them so that you all benefit.



201: Negotiating Your Worth: Salary, Recognition, and Opportunities