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Write a leadership resume, that opens the right doors, in a weekend or less

Leadership resume’s (or CV’s in Europe), require a particular approach. The job comes with high expectations for responsibility and leadership which you need to clearly demonstrate so that they know you are worth interviewing. 

The perfect interview technique at your fingertips

As you progress in your career, job interviews often become more casual, and more focused on your ability to inspire, strategize and lead, instead of just your technical capabilities. 

Craft a killer cover letter in 2 hours or less

The cover letter is not dead. But it can feel that way if you are doing it wrong. 

Writing a cover letter grabs the attention of decision makers, show’s them your personality, your vision and helps them see you in their organisation. And it doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are a few key rules to follow to make sure your cover letter works for you, instead of gathering dust on your virtual application pack. This formula will show you how to use the covering letter to get in the door faster, ahead of the competition. 

LinkedIn isn't just a copy of your resumé — it is so much more

We often only pay attention to our LinkedIn profiles when we are job hunting, and then, only barely after we’ve realised we need to reach out to recruiters more. But your LinkedIn profile is your virtual business card, and is often the first place people will find you online. 

Want to be head-hunted? Want to negotiate a pay rise based on an offer you don’t really want? What to build your reputation internationally? Want your current employer to offer you opportunities you aren’t currently getting? This all starts with LinkedIn.

You have 90 days to prove yourself. How do you make sure you get tapped for those top positions, and thrive once there?


A suite of templates and training to help you transition fast, thrive, and succeed  in your new role. 

Executive Presence isn't a nice to have — it's a must have

And yet… what is it?

If you’ve ever been told ‘you need to work on your executive presence’, or wondered why some people find getting their ideas heard and taken up so much easier than you then you’ll want to take this training.

If you are ready to take the easy way to the executive team, instead of scrambling your way up, sweating at every turn, then let’s talk about how the way you are showing up can both help and hinder you. 

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"Toni is the real deal! Within weeks of working together I’d gone from being told ‘we don’t have space at the Exec Team’ to being offered a seat at the table."
Vice President of Engineering