The Leadership Interview Question Bank


There is a specific technique to answering interview questions as a leader — the perfect blend of technical and leadership. 

You know you need to demonstrate you have the technical skills to back-up your leadership, but all too often when we focus on just this we fail at the main hurdle: demonstrating you are a strong leader, and have the potential to help that company grow and thrive. 

Senior leadership roles in particular require you to demonstrate that you can turn a ship around. After all, people aren’t hired into senior positions because things are going great — you’re brought in to solve problems, fix issues, and steer the ship in the right direction. 

But to get that opportunity, you have to get all of that across in an interview. 

Even though some of the questions you’ll be asked won’t be obviously targeted at getting those answers (because your interviewers are human too, and often don’t know what they want to hear, until your competition inserts the relevant information into the answer for a not very helpful question). 

This question bank is all about helping you understand:

  • What information do you need to make sure you get across in the interview, even if you aren’t asked for it.
  • How to answer those leadership questions in the right way so that a prospective employer sees you as the solutions person they need for the difficult situation they are in. 
  • How to use the job description to prepare for likely questions so you are as well prepped as you can be. 

Here's what you get inside The Leadership Interview Question Bank​

  • The Types of Leadership & Behavioral Interview Questions You Need To Know And a simple guide, with examples, of how to prepare for them. 
  • Identifying the relevant experience: find out what matters and what really doesn’t (and should be left unsaid!).
  • How to understand your interviewer’s motivations and what this means for tailoring your answers. 
  • Strategies for answering the most dreaded questions so that they help you land the job ‘why should you hire me’ to ‘tell me about yourself’, so that you. 
  • The questions to ask at the end, and those to avoid. 
  • The question bank: my top 49 questions with template answers for your to tailor to your skills and experience, to help you get ahead and land your dream job. 

Plus 4 bonuses

  • How to interview for a management position with zero or minimal experience. In this training, I’ll help you see what you can leverage as a solid base for taking on management responsibilities. 
  • Compatibility: how to tell from the interview if you are going to enjoy working for your prospective manager (and what to do if the answer is a firm ‘No!’).
  • Training: how to sound authentic in a job interview and avoid sounding like you are trying too hard. 
  • Top mistakes to avoid: the major leadership interview deal-breakers to avoid at all costs.

This sounds amazing — what happens next?

Delivery of this toolkit can take up to 72 hours. But to get you going, Team Toni is gifting you a 50 minute strategy session with Toni (worth $900) to dig into your resumé straight away.



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