The Standout Leader's Resumé Toolkit


If you are a job hunter, after your next great leadership opportunity, who wants to land incredible interview opportunities, instead of wondering why the phone hasn’t rung, then you need my Standout Leader’s Resumé Toolkit — a quick, clear set of instructions and trainings to take your from mediocre to the top of the pile. 

When that next amazing job opens up, you want to be ready. 

And yet writing a tailored, leadership resumé isn’t something most of us have ever learnt how to do. We know the theory — make sure it is tailored to the role, and make sure it speaks to our leadership abilities. But then what?

If your resumé is a bit of mess, or it’s just not landing you the interviews you are after (or your interview is being derailed by your resumé — yes that’s a thing!), then this toolkit is for you. 

Within a weekend (possibly a lot less you will have):

  • Figured out how to link your skills and experience directly to the job description you are interested in.
  • Know which parts of your resumé are going to remain unchanged from job to job, and what you’ll focus in on to tailor with each role you are interested in. 
  • Understand how to make sure your resumé passes the three stages of pre-interview intervention that can halt your progress in it’s track (yes there are three!).
  • Know what belongs in a leader’s resumé and what to leave behind. 
This is for you if your resumé keeps going into a black hole and you have no idea why. 

(And yes, this works with European CV applications too — there isn’t actually a difference, other than the name, unless you are applying for an academic positions which is a very different process!). 

Here's what you get inside the Standout Leader's Resume Toolkit

  • What’s in and what’s out: Identify what should be on your resumé and what should be left out. 
  • The experience formula: find out how best to describe your experience to impress employers and speak to your true leadership talents.
  • Resumé keyword mastery: learn why some keywords really matter, and some are doing your more harm than good. 
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of a standout resumé: what you need to include, and what you absolutely need to avoid. 
  • The anatomy of a great resumé:
    • The ideal structure for an executive or leadership resumé
    • Examples and done-for-you templates to get you going asap, including a ‘fill in the blanks’ formula to make this as simple as possible.
  • The tech executives resumé guide: how tech leaders need to position themselves differently and how to do this on the resumé. 

Plus 5 bonuses

  • Common mistakes and what you need to leave out at all costs.
  • The most awesome resumé words: the words that get you noticed for all the right reasons.
  • Advanced training: how to deal with gaps and career mishaps.
  • References: everything you need to know and do to find the best reference for your job search
  • The post-interview thank-you note template (and how it helps you stay top of mind while you are under consideration)

This sounds amazing — what happens next?

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