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Planning Workshop 2022

5 days to ensure 2022 is your best year yet

Calling all women in tech!

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During this free 5-day training we’ll be digging into:

☑︎ SET THE STAGE Before we reflect on the prior year or plan for the year ahead, let’s focus on why you are even planning. We’ll dig into what your goals are for this planning cycle, and what you need in place to take this to the next level. I’ll be sharing some pro leadership tips along the way so you are the leader both personally and professionall you need to be to make this year the year you soar.

☑︎ 2022 PLANNING I’ll take you step-by-step through the process I use every year (and every quarter) to set myself up for success. You’ll learn how to stop being indecisive and suffering from shiny object syndrome and move into strategic action.

☑︎ You’ll actually be the person people say is making it happen vs. watching on the sidelines by getting clear on: what you’ll be doing and why, how to work smarter, and the actions that will actually make a difference. 

☑︎ ACTION – All that planning is useless if we don’t put it into action. This is where the magic happens! We’ll create a realistic action plan – not like those New Year resolutions that you forget about by February 1st. You’ll be ready for maximum momentum & success.

This challenge is for you if:

✅​ You are ready to achieve more and make a bigger impact.
✅​ You are filled with ambition and ready to accelerat towards that ambitious set of goals.
✅​ You might have a great life on paper, but you are craving more. More impact. More satisfaction. More influence.
✅​ You are ready and willing to take action. ​
✅​ You are excited to join a community of like-minded women ready to lift each other up and be supportive.​

Who this challenge is not for:

❌ You are not willing to invest time in your development — you don’t need a lot of time, but this is for women who are committed to their growth.
❌ You aren’t willing to challenge your own assumptions — this challenge is for those who are excited to grow and growth is about understanding who we are as people more than anything else.
❌ You are rude or negative. This challenge is a safe space for people to learn and connect. 

What does this challenge look like

Starting Monday, January 10th, for five days, you’ll get a short video training to help you map out your 2022. I know your time is precious which is why each training is as short as possible, while not reducting the nuggets of wisdom it contains, and will be available on-demand for 10 days so you can watch at your convenience. 

.You will also get the opportunity to ask me any questions in the private community Slack Workspace.

Sound good?



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