Leading Women in Tech Accelerator Bootcamp Open through April 3rd 

The Leading Women
in Tech


helping you thrive as a leader in tech

~ A 30 Day Bootcamp ~

Running through until April 12th, 2022

Get clear on the key actions, decisions and strategy that will take you from daydreaming about being a great leader with a great tech leadership career to making it happen!

You KNOW excelling in your leadership career is exactly what you need in order to…

… make bigger better decisions for the teams you lead — this is your chance to change the industry you work in for the better

… help infinitely more people — you know that better leadership leads to happier teams and more useful technology. You also know that as leader you have truly multiplicative power if you can just figure out how to harness it 

… stop working harder and longer to create leverage (because you know you are approaching or have reached saturation and burnout is rapidly approaching)

… build a more resilient career by making yourself a valuable asset that has no limit to your potential impact to any company you might be interested in working for

The only problem: Knowledge can’t replace action.

I get it. I’ve been there. As a woman in tech myself I worked my way up to the Executive level but without the guidance that would have made it easier. My goal is to help you power-glide your way to the leadership role of your dreams. 


The Leading Women in Tech Accelerator Bootcamp

A supportive, high-energy, 30-day incubator designed to help you take action and make your leadership career dreams happen!

During the bootcamp...

you’ll work through the following 6 essential steps to carve out a clear path toward a purposeful, inspiring leadership career:


Learn how to use the Lit Up Leadership Seasons so that you never get stalled again in your career


Identify and utilizing your zone of genius/flow zone so that you know how to build a career you love every day and how to use your zone of genius RIGHT NOW to get ahead faster


Decide on your personal career strategy so you are laser focused and only ever taking aligned action (I know your time is precious, so let's focus on the right things!)


Know your value and how to talk about it (without feeling icky and uncomfortable) so that those around you truly value you and what you bring and that you can speak about how great you are at interview without wondering if its OK


Figure out your key development areas so that you can focus on your weaknesses first to make your growth rapid and powerful


Develop your leadership confidence and executive presence — the two things that we all need in spades to thrive as leaders at every level


Celebrate! You did it!

Why is this crucial for your leadership career journey?

You’ll be a part of a community of go-getter women working toward a collective mission: to build leadership careers that change the face of the tech industry, how tech is managed, developed, operated and led.

STARTING MARCH 15TH (but don't worry we can catch you up!)

You’ll Get Access To:

A 30-Day plan to take you from totally confused and overwhelmed about how to build your dream leadership career to clear, confident, and surrounded by people who believe in you!

Live trainings on the 6 essential steps every great leader needs to be truly successful

Your very own Leading Women in Tech Accelerator workbook and assignments for each training designed to help you create momentum and clarity on exactly how to build your dream leadership career

Live Q&A sessions with yours truly — after a career as a tech leader and years as a coach for hundreds of women in tech I don’t think there’s a question I haven’t heard!

Accountability from a network of like-minded women in tech — AKA an all-out hype squad who just get it

Challenges, prizes, contests, giveaways, and plenty of fun surprises along the way


And then what?

After all is said and done, you’ll have the confidence, clarity, community, and a step-by-step plan that’ll help you leave doubt in the dust…

… so you can move forward with ease and tick “thriving leadership career” off your bucket list

A note from Toni...

your leadership career guide and the nicest bootcamp instructor you ever did meet…

Hey friend! You should know — the strategies I’m teaching in this 30-day bootcamp are the same ones I teach my clients.

I figured them out the hard way through YEARS of trial and error on my way to an executive position as a woman in tech myself, but you can skip that painful learning curve and jump straight to success.

The kind of freedom that comes with a job you love, that enables you to be excited about Monday mornings again, and leading a team that makes a real impact is — honestly — life changing. I see it every day. And I knew I wanted to create something super accessible for ALL women in tech to have the direction, accountability, and support system to get started with a ton of clarity and confidence.

In case you didn’t already know, I’m passionate about women in tech being the change we need to see in the world. We desperately need more great women leaders innovating, leading teams to achieve new heights and drive technology for the benefit of everyone. And I want you to be part of that change. 

So I hope you’ll join me, do the work, and surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish and how much momentum you can create in just one month!

See you in the group!

All my best,

Toni x



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