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Landing and Leveraging Informational Interviews

Using the informational or exploratory interview as your route to accelerated career success.

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Do you like the idea of using informational interviews, but you are scared of making it happen or messing up?

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Are you finding it hard to figure out why others are getting opportunities and you aren’t (must be the old-boys network, right)?


It Doesn't Need to Be This Way

My road to the C-Suite was built on networking.

And although I didn’t realise it at the time, I was accidentally holding informational interviews in my networking as I tried to figure out my route to my next leadership role.

And that's how I landed a job that was designed for me in the C-Suite!

✓ I got a new job, that was designed for me

I found an employer who employed me specifically for my ideas, innovation and creativity

I got to the C-Suite, by demonstrating my true value in a series of informational interviews

I started being excited for Monday mornings again

Oh, and did I mention…? I doubled my salary!

Because informational interviews help you get the inside scoop on an organization.

They help you understand what is going to be important in an interview.

It helps you polish your communication skills and the ability to think on your feet, as you gain confidence in an interview scenario without the high stakes of a job interview.

You can demonstrate to future decision-makers that you have this full-package of skills, without it coming across as an interview-style sales pitch.

The good news is that organizing and then holding informational interviews isn’t as scary as it might at first seem (or as time consuming).

…Provided you have a clear action plan 😉

Are you ready to...

Leverage informational interviews And get the big results you know you deserve?

With this guide you will...

Get clear on what an informational is, and more importantly, what it isn’t

Find out how to generate informational interviews on autopilot, without lots of time or effort. 

Learn my top tips for setting yourself up for a successful informational interview, that allows you to shine and gets you consistent results

 Put in place a plan to automate informational interview prep, so you don’t spend lots of time on this.

 Learn how to use an informational interview to get you top of the pile in a job applicant pool.


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