179: The Sunday Scaries

You know the feeling…as the weekend winds down, a sense of unease creeps in and casts a shadow over your last precious hours of relaxation.

This feeling is referred to as the “Sunday Scaries”, and today we’re talking about the ways to overcome it! 

In today’s episode, I’m exploring the Sunday Scaries, why they pose such a challenge to our well-being, and most importantly – how to conquer them!

Ready to ditch the dread of returning to work and move into healthy anticipation instead?

Let’s go to the show!

I dive into:

  • Determining if the Sunday Scaries are affecting you or your team
  • The MOST COMMON causes of the Sunday Scaries
  • Why the effects of this Sunday dread can be a hindrance to building an effective team
  • What you can do about your Sunday Scaries & how to help your team overcome it too!
  • Why “staying for your team” can be problematic
  • Learning to hold pressure vs. knowing when to release it
  • And more

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