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Let’s build you a successful leadership career on YOUR TERMS.

Let’s find you the role that you love, in an organisation that listens to your ideas, create better tech and get the pay packet you deserve. 

Because when you create those things, the stress and the overwhelm fall away. 

You find balance

You thrive

Your ideas get taken forward

You spend less time justifying what you do and more time
getting on and creating an impact. 

If you’re ready to thrive,
then let’s do this!

As a woman in tech who’s been all the way to the executive table and the C-Suite, I know that the world of tech has a justified bad reputation for many women.

It wasn’t so long ago that I felt that my ideas weren’t taken forward, that I was being held back in my career because people couldn’t see what I had to offer, and I heard that dreaded phrase ‘work on your executive presence’. I also felt that I had to choose between up-leveling professionally and having time outside of work for me and my family. 

But I also know that the world of tech desperately needs more diversity with the innovation and improved outcomes that this brings. And women are an essential part of that diversity. 

Today I know from trial and error that what gets you to your success is not working more hours, and burning yourself out. In fact, success comes from figuring out how to do what really matters. When I figured that out, I had more time, I became a higher performer, and as a result, I landed a role in the C-Suite. All because I had to figure out what really matters, become more strategic, and learn how to communicate it so that I didn’t burn out. 

You are meant to achieve great things.

As a woman in tech, I know that making the transition into senior leadership and stepping up to really thrive on the executive team is challenging for everyone, and women face unique obstacles.

There are fewer role models for us, and many women struggle to figure out how to have an impact in their own authentic way. 

Whether you have doubts as the only woman in the board room, you are worried about how others will see your performance as a female executive, or you’ve heard those dreaded words ‘work on your executive presence’  it’s time to tap into your full potential. 

And that’s why I’m here to help. 

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