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Learn and implement the key to successful, stress-free leadership and take control of your future so that you can go from dreaming TO THRIVING.

My 1:1 Executive Coaching focuses on you as an individual, helping you understand what is holding you back, and providing tailored guidance to help you thrive.

During our time working together we will be focusing on finding your authentic leadership style (not just being one of the men!), and helping you break through the glass ceiling that holds so many women back in the tech industry, and how to bring these skills to the decision-making table to create a bigger and more positive impact on the world around us through the use of technology.

Are you ready to take the next step in your tech leadership career?

Do you want to step up into a leadership role and achieve career fulfilment and success? But…

  • You spend more time justifying your ideas and decisions than your peers
  • You’ve been told you need to work on your executive presence
  • You oscillate between frustration at lack of progress and crippling self-doubt and impostor syndrome
  • You hold yourself to high standards but sometimes find that this is holding you back and stifling your progress? 
  • Stuck in the communication cycle with executives telling you to do something, but then not taking your solutions seriously?
  • You are frustrated at not being viewed as the trusted and valued leader that you know you are to your organization and lack the recognition, job security (and salary!) that goes with that?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, stifled or lacking support and wondering how on earth you can achieve your dream career?


If you found yourself nodding to any of the above, it’s likely you are also feeling exhausted juggling doing your job well and taking the next step in your career. 

And you are wondering whether it is even worth attempting to fulfil your leadership career ambitions.

The good news is that you are in the right place. 

Because it is possible to step away from burnout. 

It is possible to love your job again (and not just quit and open a bakery or become a full-time yoga instrucctor). 

You can make an impact. You can change the world. You just need to know how to do that without being stuck, frustrated and stifled.

How would it feel if in 6 months you were. . .

☑︎ Viewed as a trusted, inspirational leader and role model in your organization,

demonstrating your value every day, so that you get multiple opportunities to do what you want to grow, the pay you deserve and the job security that comes with being recognised as essential.

☑︎ Able to make thoughtful, quick decisions, that got instant buy-in from executives, peers and your team,

such that you feel more energised and get more done.

☑︎ Felt valued, appreciated and confident, and knew you were recognised as a true ideas leader and the high performer you know you are capable of being

in your organization and across your broader network

☑︎ Had ditched self-doubt and impostor syndrome for good

and had put in place you own tailored resilience toolkit so you bounce back thriving, whatever life throws at you.

☑︎ Were viewed as the change-maker that you know you are, making a positive impact on the world

because of your role, not in spite of the artificial limitations placed on you.

☑︎ Received the pay-packet and job title to match your skills


But above all else…

you achieve all of this, while being an authentic leader on your terms, not someone else’s, and be able to take time-out and time-off, and actually feel LESS busy as your career goes from strength to strength

Executive Coaching with Toni is the key to developing your strategy, skills and mindset to finally break through that glass ceiling, make the leap from trading time for more responsibility, to advancing your tech leadership career (while having a life). I’m here to show you how to create great impact without just working harder.

“Toni brought a whole new perspective and allowed me to think completely differently about the way I was approaching my business.

Her advice is really practical and I was able to implement the strategies immediately, making me feel more in control and positive about my direction.”

– Sarah Osler

How would it feel if you were thriving in your job, and you and your organization were both benefitting as a result?

The Time/Plan/Build Framework

During your 6-month journey you will learn the tools of executive leadership, the art of executive presence, and the attributes that set apart high performing leaders from the rest. Throughout you’ll be given the techniques you need to implement tactics and develop strategies immediately in your workplace so that you can master and embed what you are learning.

Using the Time/Plan/Build Framework many of Toni’s clients see significant progress within the first few sessions, which then amplifies during the 6-months as they develop the skills to build this into their careers long-term. 

  • Time: making the time for exceptional leadership

    We'll start by tackling your overwhelm, and helping you get clear and focused on the ruthless priorities you and your organization needs you to have. You'll learn how to ensure your team supports you with their ruthless priorities and ensuring you get time off and time-out.

  • Plan: creating your personal leadership development plan

    To ensure you achieve everything you are capable of achieving we will put in place a personal leadership development plan, so we are clear and focused on your progression over the program. We'll cover the key priority areas in anything from using personality indicators as a tool to help you get more done, to teasing apart where your communication skills or executive presence needs attention and where you need to kick impostor syndrome to the curb.

  • Build: turning your dreams into reality

    Using your plan, we'll implement the key leadership strategies that will have the swiftest impact in the shortest amount of time. The goal always is to assess what is the '#1 thing that will make everything else easier'!

Here's what you get when you sign up...

  • Twice monthly, 50-minute private 1:1 coaching calls exclusively with our Head Master Coach Toni Collis
  • Monthly mastermind sessions with a carefully curated group of women at a similar stage of career to you, so you can share knowledge and experiences and grow faster as a result.
  • Regular accountability check-ins to keep you on track
  • Access to Toni’s private leadership training portal including the Lit Up Leadership Academy and the Leveraging LinkedIn Kit so you can learn what you need to do with your LinkedIn profile so that you get headhunted for the job you want 
  • Access to templates to get you going and staying on track, from building business plans, strategic planning processes to emails and processes
  • Unlimited support, Monday-Thursday, online and unlimited 15 minute power coaching calls during office hours

Magic happens when women rise

“As soon as I started working with Toni we plowed straight into some major sticking points in my career, and I’m delighted that within weeks of starting work with Toni I finally got a seat at the exec table to be able to drive DEI initiatives holistically across Tile.

Tackling self doubt and dealing with emotions have dramatically improved my executive presence, which has resulted taking my career to the next level. I’ve become empowered to have those difficult conversations and know that the outcome will be successful.

During my time working with Toni I’ve turned around the Web Team at Tile – something that has benefitted not just me but the entire business.

But the work with Toni goes beyond just tangible results I have more self confidence, my relationship with my husband is going better (not something I expected from Leadership Coaching!), I forgive myself more, and I celebrate the little things more.

Toni challenges me and pushes me, but lovingly and in a way that feels safe and I’m actually able to address and dig into deeper issues. 

I’ve worked with other coaches before, but Toni has been able to really empower me to think about the things I need to focus on and think about how it’s all intertwined.

– Jossie Haines, VP of Engineering, Tile

jossie headshot

Introducing your coach!

Hi! I’m Toni Collis, an Executive Leadership Coach, women in tech expert, and CEO of Collis-Holmes Innovations.

For my entire professional tech career I had a passion for helping other women thrive. Little did I know that helping women thrive would also be the catalyst for my own career, because I had to learn, fast, how to lead authentically, elevate those around me, and manage my time and energy so I could achieve everything I needed to for those around me.

As a result, 7 years into my career I landed my first C-Suite role, all without an MBA. I’ve since become a full-time executive coach for women in the global tech industry and I have held thousands of powerful conversations to help transform the leadership of my global clientele. Those powerful conversations are what has me leaping out of bed each day, and provide the massive shifts that generate the big results my clients receive. 

The world is currently an incredibly uncertain place, but there has truly never been a better time to demonstrate great leadership and help the people around you who are desperately seeking stability, motivation, solutions and empathy that YOU have so that together you can all change the world.

You might think only those with MBAs, the techiest people, or the most extroverted can get to the Executive Team. The truth: the best leaders have breadth, not depth. The best leaders surround themselves with technical superstars so that they can focus on being the link that brings it altogether. The best leaders focus on communication first. The best leaders invest in their leadership skills instead of waiting for it to just turn up one day. 



There is room for you at the table my friend, so what are you waiting for? Slide on in and commit to creating a thriving leadership career that has you excited about Monday mornings, and able to choose from multiple offers every time you are ready for a new challenge, all while getting off the 70hrs+/week struggle bus that isn’t actually serving you or your organisation (even though it feels like it is).

It’s my mission to empower women in tech with the confidence and strategies needed to elevate their careers, lead authentically, and achieve any goals they set for themselves.

I made it to the C-Suite and now run a successful coaching business, but I wouldn’t have made it completely on my own. I had to invest in my own growth: I needed a mentor, coach, someone who could guide me, challenge me and show me the road ahead that wasn’t so scary when things got tough.

Let me be that person for you.

Toni xx

“Toni is an amazing trainer and coach and a wonderful human being. She has a passion for helping people, especially women to become effective leaders. She helped me harness my voice to advocate for my ideas and self-worth.

Toni has pushed me out of my comfort zone to devise solutions to problems that I didn’t think were mine to solve. She challenged my old way of thinking and helped me retrain my brain to be a better problem solver. ”

– Jen Paxton, VP of People & Talent, Privy

Enrolment is currently limited. Please book a call to speak to Team Toni to find out more about the program. 

If you’re ready to take control of your career and build the future you dream of this is the program for you. 

I limit the number of 1:1 clients I take on, so make sure you book a call today to find out more about this program. By meeting the team we’ll be able to make sure this program is the right fit for you and get you on the list to meet Toni for a Chemistry Call.

Need Approval From Your Work?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Asking for help to fund your professional development is the first step to taking charge of your career growth.

80% of my clients who have asked for financial support have received some or all of their coaching costs covered by their organization.  

Not sure how to ask for funding? I’ve got a handy guide including a script for you to use. Don’t waste another moment wondering if this is possible for you. Hop on a call with Toni and discuss getting started with that ask. 

"In the short time I’ve been working with Toni I’ve already seen progress in how I organize my thinking. She compassionately challenges my base assumptions which are rooted in imposter syndrome and helps me to reframe my thinking in a way that boosts my confidence.

One of the things that is really special about Toni is her consistent and unwavering belief in my abilities.

I love to be helpful to the colleagues around me but this can result in a lot of my day being reactive. Toni has been immensely helpful in guiding me toward a place where much more of my time is being spent proactively. Toni’s ability to identify the real issues behind the information I’m presenting have helped me to increase my self-awareness and become more planful about my days and my goals.

For a long time I didn’t pursue executive coaching because I doubted the value of the investment of time and money. I can already see really positive results in a number of ways and I’m so glad I chose to work with Toni. If you are like me and on the fence I would highly recommend you make the investment in yourself.

– Nadine Robinson



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