180: Why Women-Led Companies Generate More Unicorns

Are you working towards becoming a founder one day? If you want to start your own company but feel some resistance towards taking the first step, this one’s for you, my love!

Let’s talk about why women-led companies are more successful and the important things to consider before going all-in on chasing your dreams.

In today’s episode, I invite Co-founder & CEO of Alphaa.io, Manuela Seve, to discuss her journey to founding her own company. We discuss why female-led companies generate more unicorns, some of the things to ask yourself if you’re considering starting your own company, and the important first steps you can take right now toward becoming a female founder.

Ready to knock down some of those barriers to starting your own company?

Let’s go to the show!

We dive into:

  • Manu’s career journey to becoming a Founder & CEO
  • Her BIGGEST lessons from becoming a female founder
  • The powerful catalyst that had her redefining success in her life & business
  • Manu’s BEST advice for becoming a female founder
  • Why women-led companies generate more success
  • How to remove the blocks, get off the fence, and go all-in on becoming a female founder
  • And more

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