021: The 5 key components to unleash powerful networking

As the nights draw-in (at least in the northern hemisphere), it feels like it is time to embrace our inner hermits, give in to the new social distancing norm, and just give up on networking for the rest of the year. Just turn up to work (in person or virtually), mooch about, get stuff done, and go home (or close the laptop).

But we all know that networking is key. We all know that networking opens doors. And yet, the old boys network standard where you go golfing, or those networking events are just a bit meh. If that’s what it means to network, then, at least for the rest of the year, we’ll leave it to that old boys club, right?

Wrong. Networking doesn’t have to be icky. But most people miss what networking really is. We know it’s a good thing in principle. But we resist it. We know it opens doors, and yet, we go about it wrong.

Today I’m sharing with you what is really going on with effective networking. Why the old boys network works, and how we can use that knowledge to build a great women’s network, or whatever your network needs to be. I’m talking about the 5 components that mean it isn’t uncomfortable and instead open doors for you and for others. And when you learn how to get this right, it isn’t icky and uncomfortable. It feels good.

Want to know how on earth networking can feel good? Let’s dig in and go to the show.

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