066: The Burnout Myth

Ever been told that hard work and long hours will inevitably lead to burnout, my love? You are not alone – but I am here to give you the truth about how burnout is playing a role in your career. 

Let’s talk about the burnout myth and how to identify the REAL causes of burnout – so you can ditch it! 

In today’s episode, I talk all about burnout – the common misconceptions, the leading causes, and my 5 TOP TIPS to help you navigate away from burnout in your life and career so you can uplevel with confidence and less stress! 

Ready to take action, ditch (or avoid!) the burnout, and feel differently?

Let’s go to the show!

I dive into:

  • My 5 TOP TIPS to help you navigate away from burnout in your career (and life!)
  • The BIGGEST myth I am debunking about burnout – and how this is going to help you advance your career!
  • Why you NEED to ditch this leading cause of burnout
  • How reducing this ONE thing will help you move forward faster in your career
  • The #1 tool in your tool kit against stress – and ultimately burnout!
  • A simple tool you can use every day to help you avoid burnout
  • And more!

Show Notes

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