To the ambitious woman in tech who struggles with perpetual pushback, productivity problems, people-pleasing, and being passed over for promotion (again), finally:

Wow the room with the leadership skills you bring to the table.

Truth time: Working harder will only take you so far. To show your team, peers, and senior leaders that you’re the right woman for the job, you need leadership confidence the whole organization can feel.

Created exclusively for women in tech, the Executive Presence Power Pack teaches you the 6 cornerstone skills of charismatic leadership. So you can win your co-workers’ trust and respect. And rise to the top of the leadership ladder. 

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“Working harder was no longer advancing my career. Toni Collis taught me how to work smarter, build executive presence, refine my strategic thinking, and, most importantly, showcase my value and impact. In 6 months, I landed a new job 2 levels above my previous title and unlocked the highest pay in my life.”

Senior Manager of Product Design

Leading a team is hard. Leading as a woman is harder. And:

Leading as a woman without executive presence is downright impossible.

The executive presence skill set is the defining difference between a leader that’s trusted and respected and one that’s doubted and dismissed.

That’s because: 

Team leaders, managers, and directors who lack executive presence tend to collapse under pressure, communicate vaguely, react emotionally, hide from problems, get defensive when questioned, and often seem uncertain and incompetent – enough so that…

Their co-workers don’t take them seriously. 


Maybe you recognize these
not-so-subtle symptoms:

  • team productivity problems
  • disappointing performance reviews
  • getting passed over for promotion
  • distrustful team members
  • a lack of support for your ideas and initiatives, and
  • battles for budget 

It’s a near-daily struggle that would leave anyone with debilitating self-doubt, insecurity issues, and a severe case of imposter syndrome.

If you too suffer from these roadblocks, don’t fire off that frustrated resignation letter just yet.

As a former executive and a mentor to hundreds of rising women in tech, I can tell you…

What every successful lady sitting in the C-suite already figured out:

Working harder doesn’t work. 
And tech skills aren’t enough.

Only with executive presence can you boost team buy-in, advocate for your ideas (so that people actually listen), and show your superiors that you’re capable of making note-worthy contributions.

Because, as you master the mindset, behavior, and communications skills of an effective leader…

You become a better problem solver and build a rewarding reputation for getting things done.

You spot productivity leaks and take swift actions that boost team performance.

You handle concerns with confidence (even when you don’t have all the answers).

You communicate your vision clearly, and, in turn, secure support for your ideas and initiatives.

You have conversations that encourage cooperation and reduce pushback.

You maintain a calm and collected demeanor (even when working under pressure).

You think more strategically and propose holistic solutions your superiors appreciate.


You convey your accomplishments without sounding cocky, positioning yourself as the ideal person for that promotion.

Executive presence changes careers.

I know firsthand.

In 6 short months, I went from “unpromotable” to landing my first exec role, doubling my salary, and negotiating a fully remote position.

And it’s all thanks to working on my executive presence. 

I’m not the only one either. 

Every day my coaching clients and academy students – underestimated women just like you – use the exact same strategies to reach similar ambitions.

“I have dramatically improved my executive presence, which has taken my career to the next level. I’ve become empowered to have those difficult conversations and know that the outcome will be successful. Working with Toni, I’ve turned my team around – something that has benefited not just me but the entire business. Within weeks, I went from being told ‘we don’t have space on the Exec Team’ to being offered a seat at the table.”

VP Engineering

But here’s the conundrum:

We ladies face yet another glass ceiling that makes it harder for us to rise through the ranks.

Women in leadership are held to a higher (cough, cough, double) standard, which means you can’t learn executive presence from just anyone.

Maybe you’ve already noticed that our male co-workers get away with leadership behaviors we simply can’t use. 

It’s why so many women receive conflicting feedback like “be more assertive” followed by the criticism “you’re too aggressive” when trying to model our male colleagues.

To be respected, female leaders must be: 

  • persuasive, not pushy
  • cooperative, not condescending
  • inspiring, not intimidating
  • assertive, not aggressive
… yes, even when our peers aren’t.

So while you should be able to turn to your organization for this kind of support, you can’t. At least not yet.

Succeeding as the only woman in the room is still a mystery in most organizations.

Too many people in tech are either unaware or unwilling to address the unique challenges women face. 

Not surprisingly, you won’t find this double standard discussed in corporate seminars. Because the people designing those seminars – and the audience they have in mind – aren’t women like you.

Not to forget: 

Most managers don’t even recognize executive presence as a performance issue much less understand how to help you succeed as a lady in a biased environment.

And worse:

Other managers are just too busy to care, preferring to replace you rather than invest in your improvement.

That’s why this respect-earning skill set is best learned from a former exec who understands what it takes to win as a woman in tech.

Join the ranks of women who are trading self-doubt for trust-winning leadership with:


Executive Presence
Power Pack

Become a confident leader people trust and respect with the only executive presence training designed exclusively for women in tech.

Yes! ALL WOMEN are welcome inside this inclusive learning environment. If you identify as a woman or are perceived as one in your workplace, I invite you to join me. That includes cis-gender, transgender, and even nonbinary persons.

Taught by award-winning executive coach Toni Collis, The Executive Presence Power Pack is an online, on-demand leadership training that helps you strengthen the 6 specific skills that make up charismatic leadership. 

So you can turn around team performance, win support for your ideas and initiatives, and pave your way to that next career-defining promotion. 

Oh! And you might just rediscover a love for leadership along the way.

Whether you already lead a team or simply aspire to, this training helps you conquer your current role as you confidently reach for the next one.

Great for
Team Leaders

Great for

Great for

Master these 6 skills. And strut out of your next team meeting with a satisfying smile on your face.

Inside this training, you learn to lead with power, persuasion,
and (could it be possible?!) positivity.

Command the conference room as a charismatic leader.


  • Why some people ooze confidence and what role executive presence plays in that charisma
  • 9 subtle signs your executive presence needs work (even when your boss won’t tell you directly)

Sense what your colleagues are thinking but not saying. So you can act accordingly.


  • How to decipher fuzzy feedback from your manager, so you can turn performance around before your next review
  • How to spot emotional patterns, body language, and behavioral cues that subtly self-sabotage your leadership (and what to do differently)

Deal with workplace stressors without collapsing under pressure.


  • How to control unexpected challenges with a calm demeanor and a clear head
  • 6 signs you have a broken resilience response and how to nurse it back to health
  • 3 ways to bounce back from difficulty and distress, so you don’t burn out
  • How to build a stress-less toolkit you can rely on during demanding times
  • The key to keeping personal problems out of workplace relationships

Accomplish great things without doing everything yourself.


  • How to build a reputation for getting things done, so your manager trusts you to take care of your team and targets
  • The anti-problem approach to securing your boss’s support for your ideas and initiatives

Create cooperation through conversation. So you get more of what you want from everyone around you.


  • How to speak up without getting shut down by critical colleagues
  • A simple conversation shift for building buy-in without the battle 
  • 3 ways to think on your feet (even when you don’t have all the answers)

Cultivate credibility. And catapult your career into promising places.


  • How to build a trusting team that follows your vision without pointless pushback
  • How to communicate your contributions and position yourself as the perfect pick for that promotion
  • 5 factors of authentic leadership that help you lift yourself by lifting others

Conveniently leverage your lunch break for leadership growth thanks to this time-friendly format.

short video lessons (~10m)
you can easily work into a busy day

real workplace examples
that help you spot similarities in your leadership style

practical exercises to self-assess
and identify improvement areas

actionable strategies
that you can put into practice right away

Yes, the competence-building training inside the Executive Presence Power Pack should also bolster your belief in yourself – that is, if it weren’t for the fact that: 

We women are programmed from an early age to diminish our accomplishments. 

(Humility may be a virtue. But is it truly serving you?)

So instead of celebrating our triumphs for what they are, we form confidence blocks that hold us in a suffocating space of self-doubt and career sabotage. 

Now you can put an end to imposter syndrome with:


Drop the not-at-all-helpful habit of hiding your accomplishments.
Even from yourself.

So you can embrace your brilliance without second-guessing.

Inside this bonus workshop, I show you how to assemble a personalized set of confidence-creating tools and techniques based on positive psychology. 

So you can start owning and communicating your value.

“As a result of working with Toni, I’ve broadened my perspectives, as well as learned to catch productivity leaks and cultivate bigger goals. I am much better able to cope with overwhelm and time management at the workplace. I now have a personal system to tackle imposter syndrome, ‘being stuck’ and building trust in myself.”

Senior Engineering and Team Lead

With 10+ years of mentoring women (and winning awards for it), there is no better coach to help you level up your leadership game.

Toni Collis has over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Some of her most notable professional accomplishments include: 

  • co-founding the nonprofit Women in High-Performance Computing, 
  • serving as the Chief Business Development Officer for a global Deep Tech Dev Ops Tools company, and
  • winning awards for workforce diversity, outstanding leadership, and excellence in Engineering. 


These days, Toni helps other rising women in tech craft thriving careers through her work as an executive coach, through her program the Lit Up Leadership Academy, and as host of the Leading Women in Tech Podcast. 

Toni Collis 

  • Award-winning Executive Coach
  • Co-founder of Women in High-Performance Computing (WHPC)
  • Host of the Leading Women in Tech Podcast
  • Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics

“Toni is an amazing coach and a wonderful human being. She helped me harness my voice to advocate for my ideas and self-worth. Throughout our sessions, she would push me out of my comfort zone to devise solutions. She challenged my old way of thinking and helped me retrain my brain to be a better problem solver.

VP People

Because every woman in tech – including you – deserves a mentor who understands her, I invite you to take advantage of:

Bonus #2: 1-ON-1 COACHING SESSION (valued at $433)

Spend 20 power-packed minutes with an executive coach who has walked in your shoes.

(All the way to the C-suite.)

In this 20-minute coaching session with award-winning executive coach Toni Collis (that’s me!), we’ll privately probe into your leadership challenges. And then arrive at a few simple and sustainable actions for leveling up your executive presence. 


So you can finally resolve persistent problems like team toxicity and project-slowing pushback. 

“One of the things that is really special about Toni is her consistent and unwavering belief in my abilities. Her ability to identify the real issues behind the information I’m presenting has helped me to increase my self-awareness and become more planful about my days and my goals.”


This isn’t a decision you have to second guess. (Whew!) Enjoy a risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re skeptical about what the Executive Presence Power Pack can do for you, then let me help put any worries to rest:


You have 14 days to put these leadership lessons to the test.


For whatever reason, if you don’t feel more empowered to become a better leader, you’re invited to request your money back. Please email: [email protected].

Grab the Executive Presence Power Pack today. And solidify your status as the right woman for the job.

So you can leave a leadership legacy that makes you proud. Without needlessly sacrificing more of yourself in the process.




Instant access to all 6 modules of executive presence training made exclusively for women in tech

Bonus! The Career Confidence Kit

Bonus! 20-minute coaching session with Toni Collis (valued at $433)

Have questions? My team can help.
Please email [email protected]


The #1 question every high-achiever wants to know: “How quickly will I see results?”

And answers to other smart questions:

The easy answer is: much faster than you would by doing nothing, working harder, or waiting for that in-house executive presence for women seminar that’ll probably never happen. 

Many of my students see small wins in a matter of days or weeks. They say that: They have more cooperative conversations with their team members. They speak up in meetings without feeling stupid or silly. And they better understand what’s driving team toxicity, and more importantly, they know what to do to turn around productivity. 

Within 6-12 months, students begin to reap even bigger rewards. This student said:  

“Toni Collis taught me how to work smarter, build executive presence, refine my strategic thinking, and, most importantly, showcase my value and impact. In 6 months, I landed a new job 2 levels above my previous title and unlocked the highest pay in my life.”

How you know: if your colleagues (or you, yourself) wouldn’t describe your leadership as either competent or confident, then, yes, it’s safe to say executive presence is at least one of the causes of your workplace roadblocks. 


If you still aren’t sure, that’s okay because: 


With a risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee, you can put these leadership lessons to the test. And put any worries you have to rest. 

For whatever reason, if the Executive Presence Power Pack isn’t a fit, you’re invited to request your money back. Please email: [email protected] within 14 days of purchase.

I strive to make my coaching programs a safe and inclusive place for ALL women. So any person who identifies as a woman or is perceived as a woman at work can benefit from and is welcome in this training. That includes cis-gendered, transgendered, and even nonbinary persons.

At its core, the Executive Presence Power Pack is a self-paced, self-study training program. The lessons inside are, in fact, based on 10+ years of experience mentoring and coaching women just like you.

Plus, for a limited time, as a student, I’m also giving you a private coaching call (20 minutes) with me, Toni Collis, an award-winning executive coach. So we can talk through your situation and arrive at a few simple, sustainable actions for strengthening your executive presence. 

For even more coaching support, I invite you to check out my flagship leadership coaching program, the Lit Up Leadership Academy.

I designed this training with the time-crunched leader in mind. The content is broken down into short video lessons that average about 10 minutes in length. The self-reflective exercises may take you another 5-15 minutes to complete. Then you go on with your day, putting what you’ve just learned into practice at work. 

Meaning, you can leverage ANY bite-sized break in your day for leadership growth: on your lunch break, with your morning coffee, waiting for your kid at soccer practice, or by trading out half an hour of mindless Facebook scrolling for something infinitely more useful. 

With instant access that you keep forever, you are free to move at a pace that works with your schedule, not against it.

Executive presence for women is just not (yet) a topic acknowledged or addressed in a male-dominated industry. 

In-house leadership seminars are typically designed for a majority-male audience. Meaning, the content of those trainings does not reflect the double standard women face in leadership. 

And though there are MBA-type programs that teach executive presence to some degree, I have yet to find any other resource that teaches specifically to the unique leadership challenges women experience. 

That is what makes the Executive Presence Power Pack so special. 

To my knowledge, this is the only place you can learn executive presence strategies designed exclusively for women in tech. Why? Because it’s derived from my 10+ years of professional experience.

No. And no. The lessons inside are pre-recorded and hosted online. You can access the Executive Presence Power Pack at any time and from anywhere via any device with internet access.

Right away. 

After checkout, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your login details. All the content is hosted on a virtual learning portal for easy access – anytime, anywhere.

Let me help put any worries to rest:

You get 14 days to put this training to use. That’s enough time to complete all 6 modules, complete the exercises, AND put the lessons learned into practice at work. Even with a busy schedule.  

If this training doesn’t leave you feeling more empowered to become a better leader, get your money back.** No questions asked. Simply email my team at [email protected] within 14 days of purchasing.

“I had taken up a leadership role, but I felt unsure about what I should be doing and what I was supposed to focus on as a matter of priority. Through what I’ve learnt from Toni, I’ve been able to devise a clear plan of action that I feel confident about. 

I’m only a month into the role but I’ve been able to identify some potential early wins and taken steps to make them happen. Toni has a lovely style (not patronising and very supportive) which really helps you learn quickly and get out of your own way to take the right action.”

University Professor

For leveling-up leadership skills you can put to work, at work, first thing tomorrow, grab the Executive Presence Power Pack.

Yep, you heard me right: 

Becoming a competent, confident, and charismatic leader doesn’t have to take 20 years. 

What’s better, it won’t even take 12 months. 

Because, with the Executive Presence Power Pack, you take effective actions right away. Meaning, results – like increased productivity and approved initiatives – come in surprisingly short timeframes. 

Who knows, this time next year, you could be your boss’s boss. 

Just imagine how satisfying it’ll feel to update your LinkedIn profile with your shiny new C-suite role. 


The path to your next power move starts with executive presence.

Convince your team to follow your lead. Secure support for your next big project. And set yourself up for a sweet end-of-year performance bonus.

Join today. And get immediate access to the training. 
Plus, a risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee.




Instant access to all 6 modules of executive presence training made exclusively for women in tech

Bonus! The Career Confidence Kit

Bonus! 20-minute coaching session with Toni Collis (valued at $433)

Have questions? My team can help.
Please email [email protected]

“I had been pushing forward on my goal for several years but found I needed some clarity to fully prepare myself for the next leg. After just 90 minutes with Toni, I have an actionable plan and a renewed sense of vigor. I’m so excited about what I’m working to achieve and more importantly, the next steps.”

VP Marketing



205: Vulnerability in Leadership: Breaking Down Barriers