195: Hold Don’t Carry with Lindsay White

Let’s talk about the powerful approach to leadership – “Hold, Don’t Carry”.

In this episode, HR veteran turned Executive Coach, Lindsay White, joins me to discuss learning to hold space without shouldering undue burdens and how this skill sets great leaders apart. We dive into the nuances of holding emotional space as a leader, cultivating resilience and stamina by “not carrying”, using lead and lag measures effectively, and the roles accountability and delegation hold within the “Hold, Don’t Carry” paradigm.


Join us for our top tips on how to implement this approach with self-care and empathy and an insightful discussion on how this leadership skill can uplevel your executive presence. 


We dive into:

  • How to use the “Hold, Don’t Carry” approach to uplevel your executive leadership
  • A breakdown of what it means to “hold” effectively as a leader
  • How to cultivate resilience and stamina by “not carrying”
  • The roles of accountability and delegation in the “Hold, Don’t Carry” approach
  • TOP TIPS to help you practice this skill as an executive leader
  • And more

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