Your Life, Your Way, Your Leadership. Unlimited Possibilities Await.

There’s something great about being able to call the shots.

A combination of fierce independence, freedom, and building a team that’s unrivalled.

Having the means and flexibility to choose what to do, because you know what is needed.

All while settling into the fact that you’re making a difference in the world.

That your work matters and has the power to create a positive ripple effect throughout the industry.

You’re clear about what you desire.

All that you need now is that guidance to shift from struggling to power-gliding, to help you enjoy the exploration that you are on. 

However, right now there is something stopping you from truly thriving. Something holding you back from owning your true leadership talents.

Whether you are a new or established manager, there are times when our leadership is thoroughly tested.

  • Our ideas aren’t being taken up resulting in fewer or poorer outcomes despite intense effort.
  • A team has high churn, requiring constant onboarding, shifting of responsibilities and an overwhelmed workforce.
  • A toxic environment is being established despite our best efforts which add to the churn, the pressure for difficult conversations and a high level of conflict in meetings.
  • Or senior leadership are making it clear that something’s not right without any guidance on what needs fixing (because that would be helpful).

There are times in everyone’s careers where we need to rethink our current way of doing things, and shift to a more powerful, impactful process and implement change.

And as a leader, we need to do that sooner rather than later, because the longer we wait, the worse the team situation gets, and and the more both we as individual leaders and our team suffers.

That’s where I can confidently step in and help you.

How do I know? Because I’ve done this for myself and countless clients.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve helped ambitious women in tech, from emerging leaders to business owners and CEOs, just like you, overcome the barriers that get in the way to up-levelling our careers.

I help with the knowledge, skills and coaching that helps set you up for success, so that you can elevate your team (and by extension your own career) to levels that you never before thought were possible.

My years of hands-on experience actually being a techie in the tech industry, working my way to the C-Suite, as well as pioneering inclusive leadership in the High Performance Computing industry (my specialism!) and deeply studying human behavior has given me an edge.

One that I happily pass on to my clients so they can experience surpassing their goals and actually have fun in the process.

It's Time To

Shift To Thrive

On this transformational coaching call, I’ll give you the strategy and the mindset shift you need to adapt and navigate the challenges in your team so that you can successfully navigate the path to being a thriving leading woman in tech.

We’ll make sure you have a clear plan to build and sustain momentum and shift so you can continue to lead without carrying a team that is under-performing, even in challenging times.

We’ll be talking mindset, difficult conversations, tough decisions and strategy… essentially everything you need to Shift to Thrive.

Because now great leadership matters more than ever and it’s my job to help you get it. Those who thrive during the difficulties of COVID are the ones that are being headhunted and promoted even during a financial crisis and layoffs.

After our call, you’ll walk away…

☑︎Clarity on why your team is not working optimally

including identification of the hidden issues that need tackling that otherwise will fester under the surface

☑︎Nailed down a clear roadmap for change in your team

the steps you need to take to get to where you and your team need to be, and the skills you need to develop

☑︎Armed with a clear strategy for implementation

so that you can work more strategically for you, your team and your career, while feeling great about sticking at it

☑︎Knowing how to shift your leadership

to instil more confidence from those you lead and from those that you report to, making it easier to get work done without the constant questioning and convincing.

☑︎Feeling uplifted, re-invigorated and ready to take on any challenge

My speciality is helping women – like you – to learn how to thrive in the tech industry, bring about positive change, build teams that make an impact and to ensure they get recognised for it. 

My road to the Tech C-Suite was full of false-starts and a lot of rapid learning from mistakes and mishaps along the way, so I’m on a mission to make that easier for every woman coming along after me, so you can create massive impact without working harder and longer. Because I know that when women thrive in tech, we make better tech, we have better businesses, and we all benefit. 

“Toni brought a whole new perspective and allowed me to think completely differently about the way I was approaching my business.

Her advice is really practical and I was able to implement the strategies immediately, making me feel more in control and positive about my direction.”

– Sarah Osler

The Investment

The price of this 1:1 access to me is $2000 and includes:

  • Pre-coaching Leadership Focus Prep Sheets to help you get crystal clear (and super motivated) about where you are stuck and where you need to focus, before we’ve even started.
  • A laser-focused 90-minute 1:1 video coaching session for us to dive deep into creating your vision and achieving your ambitions. You’ll leave the conversation absolutely clear in your thinking and hugely motivated to take action on the next step.
  • Session notes and your personal action plan to help you stay focused and moving forward. These resources will capture your best insights, map your journey and leave you with a valuable development asset you can call-on in the future. 
  • One week of unlimited email support. Reach-out at any point to get input, feedback or just an alternative perspective.
  • A follow-up call to tie-up any loose ends, reflect on the outcomes and generally make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

How much better would it feel if…

  • You knew exactly how to capitalise on your success, as a highly successful, high achieving woman in tech
  • You knew how to shift your thoughts and cultivate a more empowering set of leadership actions so that you can stop slowing yourself down and start shining
  • You experienced the relief that comes from having a game plan for continuing to serve your team, your business and create outstanding outcomes
  • You were armed with the strategy and mindset that you need to shift out of uncertainty and into possibility… and great leadership

Good, right?

If you’re ready to Shift To Thrive, all you need to do is click here and book:

Prefer to have a zero-obligation free chat first to find out if this is the support you need or if something else is better?

“As soon as I started working with Toni we plowed straight into some major sticking points in my career, and I’m delighted that within weeks of starting work with Toni I finally got a seat at the exec table to be able to drive DEI initiatives holistically across Tile.

Tackling self doubt and dealing with emotions have dramatically improved my executive presence, which has resulted taking my career to the next level. I’ve become empowered to have those difficult conversations and know that the outcome will be successful.

During my time working with Toni I’ve turned around the Web Team at Tile – something that has benefitted not just me but the entire business.

But the work with Toni goes beyond just tangible results I have more self confidence, my relationship with my husband is going better (not something I expected from Leadership Coaching!), I forgive myself more, and I celebrate the little things more.

Toni challenges me and pushes me, but lovingly and in a way that feels safe and I’m actually able to address and dig into deeper issues. 

I’ve worked with other coaches before, but Toni has been able to really empower me to think about the things I need to focus on and think about how it’s all intertwined.

– Jossie Haines, Sr Director of Engineering, Tile

jossie headshot

“I have been working with Toni for nearly a year now, and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I could have done for my business (and for myself!).

Toni has boosted my confidence, pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and also recognised a lot of the personal and life issues that were impacting my productivity.

Toni astounded me from the first with her wisdom, empathy, and intellect. She sees straight through me and gives me exactly the advice, and sometimes the tough love, I need to get over my blockers and make progress.

Toni challenges me to be the best I can possibly be, and makes me feel like I can actually achieve anything I want.  Toni and realised she understood everything I wanted to do, and everything that was in my way.  She’s amazing.”

– Linda McIver, CEO, ADSEI


“Toni is an amazing trainer and coach and a wonderful human being. She has a passion for helping people, especially women to become effective leaders. She helped me harness my voice to advocate for my ideas and self-worth.

Toni has pushed me out of my comfort zone to devise solutions to problems that I didn’t think were mine to solve. She challenged my old way of thinking and helped me retrain my brain to be a better problem solver. ”

– Jen Paxton, VP of People & Talent, Privy

Ready to get started?

How 2020 changed tech leadership for the better and why YOU deserve a seat at this table…

The night I realised that I didn’t want my husband to go back to work in the morning because of COVID, I remember a feeling of intense dread. I’d been reading about COVID for sometime, and I reached a point (weeks before others did, because I’m the kind of person who goes and reads the literature before the politicians and news outlets do!), where I knew the world was going to change. And I knew it would be a permanent change.

I was dreading the suffering that was ahead, the uncertainty, and the pain that people were going to experience from losses of jobs, income and loved ones. 

But I also knew that this was an opportunity. The one sector that could get us through this was technology. Technology to work remotely. Technology to enable us to operate as a species with social distancing. Technology to enable us to shop, live, exist, entertain and so much more… while online. 

And it was also a great opportunity for us to level the gender playing field. As families worked from home, home-schooled, and lived everything together, altogether, this was the chance to show the unpaid work that women were doing. And at the same time, it was the chance to demonstrate the value of great leadership. No more could a manager rely on an office walkaround to figure out how the team was doing. Avoiding mass burnout would require understanding your team, not just managing them. 

If we got rid of the bad managers, we wouldn’t just have happier staff, we’d have better tech. 

As the days and weeks unfolded I witnessed many of my 1:1 clients have huge successes – they stood out from the noise. They were thriving. Did they have bad times? Yes! And so did I. We all had our wobbles in 2020. But they were now showing their teams what was possible when you led the right way. 

But at the same time my heart broke for the people who were losing their jobs and hustling to find solutions and fast.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that great leadership is needed more than ever.  

Progress has been slower than I would have liked (I still remain a steadfast optimist though). But there has truly never been a better time to demonstrate great leadership and help the people around you who are desperately seeking stability, motivation, solutions and empathy that YOU have so that together you can all change the world.

You might think only those with MBAs, the techiest people, or the most extroverted can get to the Executive Team. The truth: the best leaders have breadth, not depth. The best leaders surround themselves with technical superstars so that they can focus on being the link that brings it altogether. The best leaders focus on communication first. The best leaders invest in their leadership skills instead of waiting for it to just turn up one day. 

There is room for you at the table my friend, so what are you waiting for? Slide on in and commit to creating a thriving leadership career that has you excited about Monday mornings, and able to choose from multiple offers every time you are ready for a new challenge, all while getting off the 70hrs+/week struggle bus that isn’t actually serving you or your organisation (even though it feels like it is).

Should you choose to say YES to your inevitable success, I would be honoured to the one to help you, guide you and help you create an utterly life-changing career for you, your team, your organisation and your family.

I can’t wait to meet you!

ALL my best,

Toni xx

Let’s do this!



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