The Leader's Job Hunt Bundle


Are you ready to tackle your career progression head-on?

Have a weekend set aside for putting together all the job-hunt paperwork, but feel like it always takes far longer than it should?

Wondering if what you’ve been doing to get interviews so far is really working for you, or instead making it harder to land interviews, and making the interviews themselves harder?

Want a clear set of instructions from an expert in helping women in tech land their dream leadership roles, so that you can do exactly what is needed. Nothing more, nothing less?

I’ve got you. 

From writing a resumé that gets you through the gatekeepers to the interview, to using a covering letter to help you shine and get asked the right questions at interview to land that job, I’ve got you covered.

This bundle brings together my four most popular tools:

  1. The Stand-Out Leader’s Resumé Toolkit to build a resumé that opens all the right doors in a weekend or less (value $47)
  2. The leadership interview question bank that gives you the perfect interview technique for technical company leaders at your fingertips (value $27)
  3. The kick-ass covering letter system that helps you craft a killer cover letter in 2 hours or less, and tailor future covering letters in a matter of minutes(value $27).
  4. The Leveraging LinkedIn Kit is the only step-by-step system you need to stand out from the crowd and supercharge your career all with the power of LinkedIn. Craft your LinkedIn presence so that you power-glide to the top, get noticed, and get those career results you are after (value $249).
And you can get all of that for $260 (saving over 25%). 
Plus 14 bonuses worth over $1000!

And the beauty of it all is that these four systems work in perfect harmony. Doing the work for one, helps you do the work for the other two. So putting it all together saves you a whole lot of your precious time. 

Here's what you get inside the Leader's Job Hunt Bundle

The Standout Leader’s Resumé Toolkit:

  • What’s in and what’s out: Identify what should be on your resumé and what should be left out. 
  • The experience formula: find out how best to describe your experience to impress employers and speak to your true leadership talents.
  • Resumé keyword mastery: learn why some keywords really matter, and some are doing your more harm than good. 
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of a standout resumé: what you need to include, and what you absolutely need to avoid. 
  • The anatomy of a great resumé:
    • The ideal structure for an executive or leadership resumé
    • Examples and done-for-you templates to get you going asap, including a ‘fill in the blanks’ formula to make this as simple as possible.
  • The tech executives resumé guide: how tech leaders need to position themselves differently and how to do this on the resumé. 

The Leadership Interview Question Bank:

  • The Types of Leadership & Behavioral Interview Questions You Need To Know And a simple guide, with examples, of how to prepare for them. 
  • Identifying the relevant experience: find out what matters and what really doesn’t (and should be left unsaid!).
  • How to understand your interviewers motivations and what this means for tailoring your answers. 
  • Strategies for answering the most dreaded questions so that they help you land the job ‘why should you hire me’ to ‘tell me about yourself’, so that you. 
  • The questions to ask at the end, and those to avoid. 
  • The question bank: my top 49 questions with template answers for your to tailor to your skills and experience, to help you get ahead and land your dream job. 

The Kick-Ass Covering Letter System:

  • The anatomy of a covering letter: What’s in, what’s out, and what really really works. 
  • The covering letter formula: there are two different ways to write your covering letter, and you need to choose the right approach. I’ll be breaking this down for you, and giving you clarity on what to use when and why.
  • The strong close: so many people who do write covering letters get the close oh so wrong. The close needs to be strong, but not pushy. I’ll show you how. 
  • Sample cover letters and templates specific to the tech industry: the tech sector has it’s own special quirks in how we do things, and the covering letter is no different, so I’ll break it down for you in some samples and make sure you are set up with templates that work for you.  
  • The final piece of the puzzle: learn who to send the covering letter to, and how to write the email and email subject to make sure it get’s opened. 

The Leveraging LinkedIn Kit:

  • My 7-stage system to take you to a profile that lands you your next great opportunity… And its built from bite-sized, clearly actionable steps.  Whether you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare or an entire afternoon, I can show you how to build a profile one step at a time.
  • A complete LinkedIn profile blueprint so that you can build a profile that gets you noticed. I mean I literally take you through my unique recipe for how to go from ideal job to crafting a stellar profile that says to the world ‘she needs this role — head hunt her NOW!‘
  • Clarity on how to choose your keywords to come tops in the algorithm and in those searches. Let’s stop worrying about the SEO, right?!
  • The sections you need (and the ones to skip) to get those crucial profile visits and land that dream opportunity
  • Templates for how to connect with people, ask for recommendations and skill endorsements, that means your boss will want to keep you, giving you negotiating power (if you want to stay!)
  • Know-how on how to maintain your Profile going-forward with minimum effort – what really matters (and what really doesn’t!)
  • Create a killer headline — know how to craft a headline that gets you instant traction
  • Understand what it takes to get head-hunted and asked to apply for roles on LinkedIn (remember: 80%+ of jobs aren’t even advertised!)
  • Know when your LinkedIn profile acts as a substitute for your resume, and when it absolutely doesn’t!
  • Get clear on the difference between a LinkedIn profile and a resume, the different ways they are used, and how you can use this information to out-compete the competition. 

Plus 14 bonuses:

  • Common resumé mistakes and what you need to leave out at all costs.
  • The most awesome resumé words: the words that get you noticed for all the right reasons.
  • Advanced training: how to deal with gaps and career mishaps in your resumé.
  • References: everything you need to know and do to find the best reference for your job search
  • The post-interview thank-you note template (and how it helps you stay top of mind while you are under consideration)
  • How to interview for a management position with zero or minimal experience. In this training I’ll help you see what you can leverage as a solid base for taking on management responsibilities. 
  • Compatibility: how to tell from the interview if you are going to enjoy working for your prospective manager (and what to do if the answer is a firm ‘No!’).
  • Interview training: how to sound authentic in a job interview and avoid sounding like you are trying too hard. 
  • Top interview mistakes to avoid: the major leadership interview deal breakers to avoid at all costs.
  • Common mistakes in covering letters and what you need to leave out at all costs.
  • How to use a covering letter to explain an employment gap.
  • Covering Letter Advanced training: how to use your covering letter to help pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) gateway.
  • Limited Bonus: Professional LinkedIn Profile Review. For a limited time I’m offering the chance to get your new profile reviewed by me! (Worth $497!). I’ve worked with dozens of women, crafting kick-ass profiles, so let me give you an honest review of your new profile and any areas where there is the opportunity for further improvement. 
  • The Leveraged Career Development Strategy Gap Analysis — you are just 20 minutes (often less!) from a clear analysis of the skills and experience you most need to build your career. Want a clear, ranked, prioritised list of what you should take on in a new role, step up to volunteer for at work, or outside of work, to plug those gaps? Want clarity on whether to take that not dream role because it might just fill in a few missing pieces and be that stepping stone you need? This bonus is for you!

This sounds amazing — what happens next?

Delivery of this bundle can take up to 72 hours. But to get you going, Team Toni is gifting you a 3-hour strategy session with Toni (worth $2,500) to dig into your job hunt strategy ands systems straight away.

YES! That means you get her $3,500 of value for just $260!



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