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009: Networking your way to a job even if you are an introvert

Its not what you know, its who you know that gets you the job.

Does that feel uncomfortable to you?

Maybe it sounds like this means you have to play in the old boys network (and as a leading women in tech, that just fills you with dread and well, who wants to play that game – that’s part of what we are changing right as women rise up in tech, right?!)

But powerful relationships don’t have to mean back-room deals or job offers made to sons of men on the golf course.

As the hidden job market flourishes as a source of jobs, it is more important than ever that you get out there and network. Build real connections that will open doors to other connections, jobs and much more.

In a hyper connected world, your most important asset in your career is your network. It can overcome the endless application process. It can deal with the difficult career gap you have easily, and it can remove the need for yet another expensive qualification (which you don’t actually need, but you think you do need because how else do you stand out from 1000s of resumes)?

Your network is your biggest asset, and yet for many of us, applying for a hundred jobs feels infinitely easier than reaching out and building this mythical all-problems-solved network that the world (and I ) are talking about.

What if I told you that networking could be comfortable (yes even for introverts), and will land you a job in less time?

Interested? Let’s go to the show!

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008: The one big assumption that is holding you back in your job search

Job hunting. Eugh. Such a chore right?

But so necessary.

But in a world that is a hirer’s market, how do you get that job? And how do you get your next job right now, even if you are safe and secure in your current role? If you are looking to uplevel and your current company has a promotion freeze, do you stay put just because we are living in a time where unemployment is rising?

I’m here to tell you that you can get a job right now. But you may not be going about it the right way.

There is a hidden job market, which as your rise up the ranks in your organization becomes more and more important. The top level jobs are basically never advertised. But what is this hidden job market and what can you do to access it? Well, I’ll tell you straight up that it isn’t about applying for every job you find advertised!

Want to find out more? Let’s go to the show!

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007: The 5 things between you and the C-Suite

Ready to step up to the C-Suite. Wondering why you aren’t already there?

Are you frustrated that no one is noticing you? Or are you ready to get ahead and wondering how on earth to get there. Perhaps you feel like you don’t have the time to give to a C-level executive role.

Today I’m going to share with you the lessons I’ve learnt on my journey to the C-Suite, and from my clients who are on their way or already there. These are the top 5 barriers, that everyone of us faces, but few figure out. And hint: it isn’t about working more hours!

This might just be a little triggering as we unpick the reality of what it means to be in the C-Suite, what those already there are looking for, or indeed what is holding you back as an entrepreneur.

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006: Tempering your temper

Are you feeling angry, annoyed and frustrated by your boss, your colleagues or your team? Are they just not doing what you need them to? Tempted to lose your temper? Or do you have a wave of seething anger inside you much of the time?

As humans we have emotions – that’s normal! We don’t want to be robots after all! So claiming that you never get angry is probably foolish. But what you do with heightened emotions at work is what counts.

Let’s talk anger, tempers, and how this can be used in the workplace: when is anger appropriate, and when it isn’t (or indeed if it ever is!).

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005: Are you scared of being the real you as a leader?

How authentic do you feel every day when you start work? Do you feel energised by your purpose, and how you turn up as a woman in tech and as a leader? Or do you feel on the verge of burnout and exhausted by being the person you think everyone wants you to be.

Spending all of our time being someone we aren’t is exhausting. And many of us are doing it, and have been doing it all of our lives. It wastes energy, creativity and problems solving on something that, quite honestly, is making you a less effective leader.

But everyone else is doing it. We turn up as the person we think others want us to be.

How do you break out of this mould? How do you become your authentic self when our entire lives have been about being the person that others want us to be. And how on earth does this reduce overwhelm, avoid burnout and bonus, help you become a better leader?

Curious? Let’s dig in! Let’s go to the show!

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004: Have you asked for what you want recently?

Feeling annoyed at not getting what you want? Did you get the chance to step-up and manage a new project or activity for a few weeks. Did you do a great job. Then, well, nothing? No offer of doing it permanently? Just back to the same old boring work that doesn’t light you up?

Are colleagues getting more opportunities than you, even though know your work is of an excellent quality?

If this is you, then it’s time to talk about asking for what you want. Yes! Ask!

If we don’t ask for what we want, why would anyone give it to us.

In today’s podcast I’m discussing why we sometimes don’t ask for what we want, and how to start doing it. I’m removing your objections, and calling you out on assuming someone has noticed how awesome you are! Just because they know you are awesome, doesn’t mean they will give you that next step.

So let’s break this down, and discuss how to ask for what you want, so you can take that next step and let go of those frustrations.

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003: What happens when communication between leaders goes wrong?

Does communication work in your team or your organization?
Do you have have a clear communication plan, send copious emails, and yet when you implement practices and policies, despite all the communication you sent, you get a lot of angry responses?
Do you announce a new activity in your team to the wider company and then get asked ‘why didn’t you tell me sooner’? Or did you tell everyone sooner, but they didn’t listen?

Communication is the number one tool in your toolkit as a leader, whatever stage of your career you are at. But communicating well so you get more helpful responses, and less annoyance is a skill that needs to be nurtured.
Great communication makes your life easier. It makes being a change agent that bit simpler. It lends you credibility, it removes the roadblocks. It stops those angry messages where someone says ‘why didn’t I know this’, even though you told them 10 times.

If you are ready to use your communication to make your life easier, spend less time justifying why you did something and more time doing what you know you are meant to be doing, then let’s chat communication strategies that work.

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002: Are you ready to be the leader you know you are capable of becoming?

Do you have a fire burning inside you to do more?
Do you know that if you could just get people to listen to your idea that your team could do more, your organization could be better or that the world would be a better place?

If you know you have more to offer… now is the time to step up as a leader.
Whether you at the bottom of the corporate ladder, run your own business or are in the C-Suite, now is the time to lead.

But being a manager doesn’t make you a leader.

It is time to take the lid off and talk about how to channel that energy and desire for a better way that is inside you so that you can be the change agent the world needs.

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001: Building your credibility as a leader

Are you feeling stifled? Are you tired of working long hours, but just never seem to get ahead in the world of work? Perhaps you love your tech job, and what it can enable in the world, but you know that you are capable of so much more.

If you are ready to get noticed, have your ideas taken up more readily, and up-level your career so you can focus more on doing what you know is important and less time justifying how your spend your time, then this episode of the Leading Women in Tech podcast is for you.

Today I’m sharing the 7 steps you can take to get noticed and built your credibility. It’s time to start doing more with less and get the recognition you deserve.

Sound good? Let’s go to the show!

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Why do some people thrive and others stall?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to sail through their careers, while others, who seemed to be soaring suddenly stall, stop, and potentially even fizzle out? Perhaps you are feeling this yourself, and wondering how to get unstuck and move onwards again? Here’s the truth: everyone stalls at some point. The difference between those who thrive and those that stay stuck is what we do when we stall. And this week I’m taking the lid off what needs to happen to get you thriving once again. Whether you are ready to get unstuck in your career, or you see colleagues, peers or your team stalling, the tips below are all about moving you forward.

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