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205: Vulnerability in Leadership: Breaking Down Barriers

Do you want to boost team productivity, retention, and innovation while fostering an environment where your team feels comfortable being their authentic selves?

Let’s talk about embracing vulnerability in leadership and how this openness can help you create stronger connections with your team and peers.

In this episode, I dive into the critical role of vulnerability in demonstrating a strong executive presence and fostering genuine connections within your teams. I explore what it truly means to be vulnerable, ways you can embrace more openness in your leadership, and how giving yourself and your team permission to be vulnerable will lead to a stronger work environment.

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204: Bounce-Back-Ability: Mastering the Art of Resilience as a Leader

In this episode, I have the privilege of speaking with Angie Read, a remarkable woman who spent 25 years in corporate communications, navigating the complexities of big tech and other industries. Known for her extraordinary resilience, Angie faced a life-altering challenge at 46 when she suffered a massive ischemic stroke. Despite her determination to return to work after just a few months of rehab, Angie found herself battling debilitating anxiety and depression.

Join us as Angie bravely revisits her journey through a career that lacked fulfillment, her mental health crisis after her stroke, and how she navigated being laid off. She sheds light on recognizing the signs of a physical or mental health crisis, understanding the true cost of perfectionism, and why it shouldn’t be worn as a badge of honor.

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203: Redefining Success Beyond the Quantity of Work

Do you feel you must work crazy hours to get the recognition you deserve?

It’s time to redefine success beyond the quantity of work!

In this episode, I discuss the barrier of the traditional success model, the major pitfalls of quantity over quality, and how you can shift your mindset to redefine success for yourself and your team. I dive into boundary setting, redefining success metrics, and how to escape the burnout cycle by prioritizing high-impact tasks, celebrating wins, and coaching your team to work proactively vs. reactively.

Ready to find success in the quality of your work and the impact you’re making?

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202: Hacking Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Being a Great Leader with Dr. Hayley Nelson

Let’s talk neuroscience (and leadership, of course)!

Join me for this enlightening conversation with Dr. Hayley Nelson, a passionate neuroscientist and professor, who dives deep into the intricacies of how our brains operate and the neuroscience of being a great leader.

In this episode, Dr. Hayley shares her personal journey, detailing how overcoming a traumatic experience led her to pursue a career in neuroscience, despite having other early ambitions. We discuss the difference between the brain and the mind, how to rewire our brains to change our outlook, and embracing resistance as a crucial part of creating lasting change in mindset or habits. We dive into the mindset of optimism vs. toxic positivity, instilling an effective mindset in your team, productivity insights from a neuroscience perspective, and embracing & managing neurodivergent team members.

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201: Negotiating Your Worth: Salary, Recognition, and Opportunities

It’s time to seek the rewards you deserve!

Let’s talk about negotiation – a core skill essential for your career success.

In this episode, I dive into useful strategies for negotiating your worth and how to own your value regarding salary, recognition, and advancement opportunities. I discuss my top tips for negotiating compensation, handling job offers (counter and multiple), and positioning yourself for advancement. But it’s not just the practical tools you need, we’ll dive into the mindset around owning your value, understanding your limits, and overcoming the specific negotiation challenges faced by women in tech, ensuring you can advocate effectively for the compensation and opportunities you deserve.

Ready for the actionable tips to help you reach your next salary goal or dream role? It’s time to understand your worth and master the art of negotiation.

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200: Celebrating Women in Tech, Beating the Burnout, and Letting Go of Needing to Be Like the Men in the Room with Lindsay Kulzer, Allison Williams, and Jennifer Peters

Ready to dive into the empowering journeys of three extraordinary women in tech?

In today’s episode, I invite three amazing women I have the honor of supporting to dive into their experiences, insights, and triumphs through the lens of executive coaching. Lindsay, Allison, and Jennifer candidly share their motivations for seeking executive coaching, its transformative impact on their professional development, and powerful career lessons around overcoming imposter syndrome, burnout, gender bias, and more. We explore the pivotal moments that led them to join The Lit Up Leadership Academy, the biggest successes they’ve achieved, and the one thing they wish they had known about themselves a decade ago.

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195: Hold Don’t Carry with Lindsay White

In this episode, HR veteran turned Executive Coach, Lindsay White, joins me to discuss learning to hold space without shouldering undue burdens and how this skill sets great leaders apart. We dive into the nuances of holding emotional space as a leader, cultivating resilience and stamina by “not carrying”, using lead and lag measures effectively, and the roles accountability and delegation hold within the “Hold, Don’t Carry” paradigm.

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159: Supporting Yourself as a New Parent in the Workplace

Whether you’re preparing to go on maternity leave, you’re currently on leave, or you’re getting ready to return to work – it’s normal to feel a bit of overwhelm, or even panic. (But it doesn’t have to be that way, my love!)

Let’s talk about some of the best ways you can support yourself as a new parent in the workplace.

In today’s episode, Rachel Morris, maternity coach and founding partner of Motion Learning, joins me to discuss parenting, the world of work, and how to mesh the two. We discuss navigating the 3 phases of becoming a new mother in the workplace, and the helpful & actionable tips you need to set yourself up for a successful return to work.

Ready to treat this as a new start that will actually set you up for the lit-up career you dream of?

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137: Salary Negotiation 101

Are you negotiating what you’re really worth at the job offer and/or promotion stage of your career?

Let’s talk about negotiation as a fundamental part of your leadership toolkit!

In today’s episode, I’m delighted to be joined by Claudia Miller, career coach for women in tech & champion for women looking to land fulfilling jobs at the senior level. We discuss building a case for promotion, developing high-value skills so you can get paid more, and how you can leverage salary negotiations & build a strategy that truly uplevels your career!

Ready to dive into salary negotiation 101 & the tools you need for success in your leadership journey?

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136: How Having Boundaries and Structure Gives You Freedom

I know setting boundaries and structure in your life and career can feel a bit restricting, but the truth is – it actually sets you free, my love!

Let’s talk about boundaries and structure and how they give you the freedom you need to become the extraordinary leader, senior-level executive, or amazing individual contributor that can have real influence in your organization.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into the ways you can implement more boundaries and structure in your life and career so you can free up your time, energy & capacity for the things that really matter and will move you forward.

Ready to give boundary setting a real go?

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