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173: Becoming a Technical Leader Without Learning to Code

Does it feel like there’s only one path to landing your dream role? (hint: there are actually many, my love!)

Let’s talk about becoming a technical leader with the skills that actually light you up!

In today’s episode, I invite Global Information Security Leader & coach, Schlaine Hutchins, to share her unique journey into cybersecurity and how she became a tech leader – without learning to code! We dive into self-doubt & self-belief, managing vs. leading, and how to be better allies to women of color while creating our own unique paths to success.

Ready to carve your own way to tech leadership?

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171: Why Executives Need to Hear Their Team More

If you really want to improve your leadership, it’s time to LISTEN UP my love…

Let’s talk about why executives need to hear their team more!

In today’s episode, I invite senior leader & champion of the data world, Jenn Gionfriddo, to have an important conversation about why listening is so essential as an executive skill, the difference between listening and acquiesing, and the practical ways you can get better at really hearing what you need to from your team.

Ready to take a look at how much you’re really listening to your team?

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170: Does It Have to Be Lonely at the Top?

Does it really have to be lonely at the top?

Let’s talk about what causes this feeling of loneliness in leadership – and what we can do about it!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into loneliness at the top, why it’s such a common challenge for female tech leaders, and how to make sure it doesn’t slow down your career growth. Ready to ditch the loneliness and step fully into the leader you were born to be?

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169: Why Leadership Today Needs Hard Skills, Soft Skills, and AI-Enabled Skills

Calling all my motivated tech leaders & aspiring female founders!! This one’s for you, my loves.

Let’s talk about why you should consider a combination of hard, soft & AI-enabled skills when developing your leadership toolkit!

In today’s episode, I invite the founder & CEO of Gleac, Sallyann Della Casa, for a powerful conversation on achieving your biggest tech goals. We discuss how she created the first marketplace in the world that actually allows us to use AI & human ingenuity as a service (amazing, right?) and how to position yourself to do big things too!

Ready to create your own journey to tech leadership?

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168: Cooperation as a Leadership Trait

Imagine if your team was able to combine their skills & efforts toward common objectives with complete alignment and harmony. (Wouldn’t that be beautiful?)

Let’s talk about cooperation as a leadership trait!

In today’s episode, I discuss cooperative leadership, how to develop these skills in you (and your team!) to see more positive outcomes, and the core principles you can use to build collaborative teams that will increase their output & productivity beyond what you can imagine!

Ready to be the leader who values every voice and fosters cooperative behavior & collective success?

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149: Why Work Doesn’t Work for Women and What We Can Do About It

Is work working for you?

Let’s talk about what’s wrong in the workplace for us as women, and more importantly – what we can actually do about it.

In today’s episode, I invite team builder, best-selling author & amazing tech leader, Helen Fanucci, to share her wisdom on where the workplace is failing us as women and ways to make sure we thrive in increasingly hybrid environments. We discuss her best advice to help you navigate male-dominated spaces and the BIGGEST things you can do to remove any obstacles in your way to landing your dream leadership role & building a high-performance team.

Ready to bust through those blocks and reach your highest leadership potential?

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129: Crossing the Chasm: Moving From Management Into Leadership

Is there a difference between management and leadership? Yes, my love! And how you navigate this difference and show up in your leadership career is massively important to have more influence and impact at work.

Let’s talk about crossing the chasm, moving from management into leadership!

In today’s episode, I invite engineering executive and cofounder of SheTO, Nidhi Gupta, to dive into this concept and talk to us about her extraordinary work in engineering and her passion for accelerating the careers and networks of women.

Ready for the tools you need to shift from simply managing your people to leading them powerfully and authentically?

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122: Getting Comfortable with Negotiation

Negotiation. (I know, even reading the word can bring some discomfort).

But no matter how you feel about it, great negotiation skills are a KEY to making sure you get what you need at work (and in life)!

So, whether negotiation stirs some major anxiety, or you’re simply looking to uplevel your skills – this one’s for you.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my favorite tips & tools to help you get more comfortable with negotiation so you can get the things that you want. Ready to grab that senior-level position, get that well-deserved salary bump, or start negotiating deals like the amazing leader you are?

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121: Building Great Engineering Teams in Tech Companies

Whether you’re in engineering, working alongside engineering teams, or you’re just looking to uplevel your career in tech – I have a treat for you this week, my love!

Today, I invite three extraordinary and powerful leaders in the tech industry to talk about their unique experiences building great engineering teams. Join us as Jossie, Kathryn & Sushma share their approaches to getting ahead as engineering leaders, and how to build better relationships with these important teams in your own organization.

Ready to learn more about how engineering interacts with the rest of the organization – and gain some powerful leadership tools along the way?

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119: Changing the Corporate Landscape for the Better Through Our Individual Action

Struggling to find success AND joy in your career? It might be time to develop a new relationship with work & success.

(Because the truth is, my love, success is NOT a destination – it’s a feeling!)

Let’s talk about the “Success Wound” and the role it might be playing in your leadership and career.

In today’s episode, I invite career coach for conscious female leaders, Brooke Taylor, to dive into this powerful idea of the “Success Wound”, how it could be holding you, your team & your organization back from TRUE success, and the ways you can contribute to changing the corporate landscape for the better.

Ready to let go of the baggage and define success on your own terms?

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